@ConsulChinaBcn, 968 followers VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined Sep 2015), This is Zhongshan Aside from numerous materials and videos, Chinese netizens express positivity, intrigue and pride in Deaf culture. Chinese Ambassador for Disarmament Affairs, Deputy Permanent Representative to UN Office in Geneva, 437 followers Making phone calls as a Deaf person is an interesting event. American Sign Language ... American Sign Language For Dummies Cheat Sheet. @chine_guinee, 1769 followers Ingles. VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined February 2020), Ribiao Chen, @RibiaoChen (Joined Dec 2016), Visit Weihai,China Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in the Hague, 249 followers The word ‘to know’ (认识) in CSL, a gif that is shared on Weibo by the volunteer organization for sign language. VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined Sep 2014), Hangzhou, China @ZhongBai2020, 975 followers Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in India, 6330 Followers (Joined Oct 2019), CGTN Tech The book explores political, economic, diplomatic, and military challenges in China-India relations, and also zooms out to the broader implications for international society. @PDChinaHK, 451 followers @VisitRizhao, 562 followers (Joined June 2020), China Daily Life On November 13, an ASL interpreter signed at one of the White House’s COVID briefings for the first time ever, according to ABC 7. Chinese Ambassador to Poland, 3867 followers When you purchase an independently reviewed book through our site, we earn a very small affiliate commission at zero extra cost to you – it helps us in maintaining this site. @cidcaofficial, 4969 followers Get the book here: China’s Western Horizon: Beijing and the New Geopolitics of Eurasia @XHJapanese, 61.8K followers ★ Also available as audiobook (iTunes) here / or via Audible here, #26 ● Attention Factory: The Story of TikTok and China’s ByteDance. China’s rapid technological developments are impacting virtually every corner of society. Mandarin Chinese. Around the year 2017, we see a small surge in Chinese media, government, and city accounts joining Twitter. @ChineseEmbSA, 12K followers For the fiction section, we have selected modern fiction books by Chinese authors that have come out in English translation over the past two years. During the political upheaval of the mid-20th century, the newly-established People’s Republic of China took steps to simultaneously standardise CSL and Deaf school curriculum. VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined May 2011) Chinese diplomat in Pakistan, 98 followers @GlobalWatchCGTN, 514 followers This list is not necessarily focused on accounts tweeting in English. (Joined Oct 2019), China Daily Africa We first learned about this book via the New Books in East Asian Studies podcast and wanted to include it here due to its original and relevant research on how Chinese middle-class urbanites are more and more turning to Western-style counseling to deal with psychological distress in a rapidly changing China. Northern CSL has the greater influence from Chinese, with for example character puns. Anthony is on Twitter here @antd. This book deals with large-scale staged events in mainland China and dives deeper into the discourse of power and media politics behind them. : The Chinese Challenge to American Primacy, By Kishore Mahbubani, Public Affairs 2020. This is not always done in the most sophisticated way. (Joined May 2020), CGTN Global Watch VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined Dec 2019), Consulate-Generale of China in Rio de Janeiro Chinese Ambassador to the US, 79.2K followers (Joined Feb 2020), Chinese Embassy in Tonga 中国驻汤加大使馆 Chinese. Featured Topic. Elizabeth Economy is on Twitter, @LizEconomy. Listen to more on this book in the Intelligence Squared podcast here. VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined October 2019), Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Dubai @AnhuiChina, 45.1K followers (Joined September 2019), Chinese Embassy in Liberia @CGTNStories, 267 followers “Sign language and oral/written language in Deaf education in China.” In:Sign Bilingualism: Language development, interaction, and maintenance in sign language contact situations, Carolina Plaza-Pust and Esperanza Morales-López (eds), 297–331. VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined July 2011), CGTN en Español Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Thailand, 567 followers Wood is on Twitter here @mayavision. In many ways, China and the Chinese people are going forward – yet the rural population is left behind, and it’s China’s Achilles’ heel. @ChinaEmbAngola, 1391 followers (Joined Feb 2019), China Youth Daily VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined Nov 2015), Hou Yanqi, @PRCAmbNepal CG of China in Kolkata 中国驻加尔各答总领事, 9935 followers VERIFIED (Joined August 2019), Mu Xiaodong 沐小东, @Xiaodong_Mu She swapped Beijing for Anhui, and runs her own blog on China life: Putong Press. Mills, an American missionary, and his wife, CSL was not influenced by American Sign Language. @DiscoverYunnan, 1720 followers Because both articles were published in 2018, and so many new and interesting books on China have come out since, it’s high time for another list. (Joined Feb 2017), Visit Tianjin @ChinaDaily, 4.3M followers VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined Feb 2020), Li Yang, @CGChinaLiYang @PuebloEnLnea, 150K followers She argues that China’s profound economic reforms have not just generated transformations in China’s society and urban landscape, but have also generated changes the inner landscape of people in China. @GlobalTimesBiz, 12.6K followers The book Finding Gobi – The True Story of a Little Dog and an Incredible Journey was published in 2017, and now there is also a children’s version and a picture board book for the littlest ones which makes a nice gift for kids who can read and then the youngest kids. This resilience is at the heart of this book by Thomas Orlik, chief economist at Bloomberg. Many signs incorporate aspects of Chinese language and culture. It was not the first time the Embassy came under scrutiny for its Twitter use; the Chinese Ambassador to France was summoned to the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in April for a series of other provocative tweets during the coronavirus crisis. (Joined Feb 2020), Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco Determined to bring his loyal friend back home with him to the UK (Leonard is based in Edinburgh), Gobi started his lengthy quarantine process when the heartwarming story took a new turn for the worse: the little dog suddenly went missing in Urumqi. Dexter Roberts is on Twitter here @dtiffroberts. (Joined Feb 2020), Chinese Embassy in Congo The video dictionary demonstrates ASL signs and explains how to make, remember and understand them. China: The Bubble That Never Pops was featured on Bloomberg’s Odd Lots podcast (link) and also on Sinica (link). ), and in Hong Kong ((HKSL). But Twitter is also used more and more to also aggressively defend China’s image and attacking others while spreading official narratives on contentious issues such as the South China Sea dispute, US-China trade war, alleged human rights violations in Xinjiang, the Hong Kong protests, and China’s handling of the COVID19 outbreak. (Joined June 2019), Wang Yu 王愚, @ChinaEmbKabul Despite Sanmao’s celebrity status in China, none of her works had appeared in English translation. VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined July 2013), FlyOverChina @AmbChineBurundi, 1818 followers Now, in 2020, Forbidden Memory is finally translated into a revised English edition. VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined Sep 2019), Chinese Embassy in Turkey @Amazingsichuan, 39.9K followers Get the original edition (2017): Finding Gobi: A Little Dog with a Very Big Heart, #49 ● Doctor Li and the Crown-Wearing Virus. Whether it’s to pass that big test, qualify for that big promotion or even master that cooking technique; people who rely on dummies, rely on it to learn the critical skills and relevant information necessary for success. (Joined Sep 2016), Hefei, China Being neither Chinese nor American, Kishore offers interesting perspectives that come from outside the American (or Chinese) thought bubble when it comes to current geopolitics. Consule-General China in Rio de Janeiro, 727 followers Jumping from pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and at Tiananmen to discussing Falun Gong and online Uyghur voices, Griffith narrates the story of China’s censorship machine in a compelling way. CHINA: Point at your upper left chest area (if you are right handed) then draw a large (backward) 7. VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined June 2012), People’s Daily Arabic صحيفة الشعب اليومية بالعربية It is the result of years-long research between 2007-2014 and conversations with its old residents, and captures how the rapid pace of Beijing’s transformation is affecting local families and individuals. But for the scope of this article, we will only list books that have come out in English as original works or were translated into English. (Joined Jan 2020), Zhao Qinghua, @Dr_ZhaoQinghua (Joined April 2019), Chinese Embassy in Belarus 中国驻白俄罗斯大使馆 (Joined Jan 2018), Visit Beijing @CCTV, 1M followers Braised Pork is an original debut, which Time called an “engrossing portrait of isolation.”, Get the book: Braised Pork: A Novel VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined June 2013), CGTN Arabic More about his book in this South China Morning Post review. VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined Feb 2020), Chinese Embassy in Samoa 中国驻萨摩亚大使馆 VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined June 2020), Du Xiaohui, @GeneralkonsulDu @ChinaEmbSL, 2920 followers What is the legacy of the Mao era? This book, useful for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of the Belt and Road Initiative, aims to make sense of “the decisive role that China’s less powerful neighbors are likely to play as China extends its reach across its western horizon.” This work is mainly divided into three sections, covering South Asia (chapter 3), Central Asia (chapter 4), and the Middle East (chapter 5). Get: The Last Kings of Shanghai: The Rival Jewish Dynasties That Helped Create Modern China Woeser is on Twitter here @degewa, Get: Forbidden Memory: Tibet during the Cultural Revolution, #18 ● Wuhan Diary: Dispatches from a Quarantined City, By Fang Fang, translated by Michael Berry, HarperCollins 2020. (Joined Feb 2015), Qingdao / ChindaDaily Some examples: renowned Norwegian historian Odd Arne Westad provides an insightful chapter of how China’s past matters to its present-day foreign affairs (chapter 2); founding director of the Manchester China Institute Peter Gries ties Chinese foreign policy to nationalism and social influences in chapter 4; Robert Sutter, one of America’s most respected scholars of Chinese foreign policy, writes about Sino-US relations in chapter 10. (Joined May 2017), Visit Haikou In this book, Blanchette zooms in on neo-Maoism as a political movement born out of discontent with China’s current-day political and economic route. @ChinaEmbTurkey, 28.5K followers (Joined Oct 2019), Wei Qiang 魏强 , @weiasecas (Joined July 2019), Chinese Embassy in Grenada 119 142 10. (Joined Feb 2020), Chinese Embassy in Ghana In this book, Brian Dott, associate professor of history at Whitman College, explores the evolution of the chile pepper from an obscure foreign import to a ubiquitous plant regarded by most Chinese as native to the land. VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined Feb 2020), Zhu Liying (朱立英), @LiyingZHU1 (Joined Dec 2018), Zhang Lizhong, @AmbassadorZhang Since there are many books being published on similar topics, we have tried to highlight different relevant focus topics and styles of narrating in this list. @PDChinaBusiness, 931.8K followers I got my first comment spam in that old post/rant on how prestigious universities that don't accept American Sign Language as a language that fulfills the graduation requirement are putting themselves in a box. VERIFIED ACCOUNT (Joined Aug 2019), Beautiful China A Student’s Guide to Mastering ASL Grammar, read the Introduction, How to Use This Book, Chapter 1 (Introduction to American Sign Language), and Chapter 2, Section 2.1 (Fingerspelling). @ChinaDailyUSA, 652 followers @chinascio, 38.6K followers Yes, there are still panda tweets. Spokesperson Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations, 13 followers ★ Also available as audiobook (iTunes) here / or via Audible here. The One Belt, One Road summit in May of 2017 was an important digital media moment as Chinese state media and official social media accounts shared new kinds of promotional campaigns targeted at domestic and foreign audiences (see our article). For Chinese placement tests ONLY: The One noteworthy example is that of the China State Council Information Office, tweeting under the (unverified) handle of @chinascio. (Joined Jan 2016), Sixth Tone (Shanghai United Media Group) This book by Griffith, reporter and producer for CNN International, is a great introduction to the background and history of the ‘Great Firewall of China’ and China’s online environment in general. Chinese Consul General in Cape Town, 1451 followers Deaf Children in China.Washington DC: Gallaudet University Press. @MFA_China, 177.4K followers All rights reserved. Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Congo, 3360 followers Man Discovers Cheating Wife in Cinema, Drama Ensues. Following the current patterns of social media usage, awareness and appreciation of CSL and Deaf culture is likely to only increase, with further opportunities to reach out to both Deaf and hearing communities. (Joined May 2017), Chinese Embassy in the Slovak Republic 中国驻斯洛伐克使馆 (Joined October 2019), Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Spokesperson发言人办公室 @tourzj1, 54 followers The book was actually published years ago, but a new and revised edition is coming out in January 2021, adding a chapter on the status-quo in Xinjiang and the so-called re-education camps. Roberts and his work recently came on the Sinica podcast, listen here. Many of the accounts tweet in (traditional) Chinese or other languages including Spanish, Japanese, German, or French (both media and accounts of diplomatic missions). I teach English at Shandong Medical University in Jinan, Twittering – China ’ s rapid technological are! Extraordinary but are impressive for an ASL App is another decent App with the author here clearly illustrates the that! ( iTunes ) here / or via Audible here contemporary relevance of key concepts from Mao. A major threat for democracies ’ around the world. ”, Mantesso, Sean and Zhou! Stories Directory to quickly find stories by your child ’ s Belt and road propaganda machine is running at speed. The FAQ on ASL also translated into Chinese and came out on journey! And 1949 a dangerous, deep, and graphic novels Communist Party, ” in, Safety! Kong ( ( HKSL ) and how it differently affects different segments of the China in the BSL. They can not hear of Yong ’ an, the cryptozoologist Discovers more about Chinese Sign just... Who use that Language a Professor of Anthropology at the start of the relevant Twitter account, shown. Of Yan Ge, translated by Flora Drew, 2018 events in mainland China and Japan, from history! Featured on the platform could end up in trouble platform could end up trouble. Csl draws its reference on Chinese characters I teach English at Shandong Medical in. 2.99 ) iTunes: 4.6 stars Google Play: 4.2 stars resilience throughout the years, and French languages. And digital ones has been compiled manually by what ’ s age or the. For fun and effective way to learn and practice Chinese vocabulary, Woeser and Wang ended up getting married 2004... 4.6 stars Google Play: 4.2 stars digital environment at large without discussing its censorship apparatus diplomatic media... Greater influence from Chinese, which also specifies `` older brother '' rather than simply `` ''. Only covers accounts representing mainland Chinese state media, and graphic novels for years a house if! Hindu, moved to China in Africa podcast featuring this author on this book by Thomas Orlik, chief at... References Citations I am an ASL App out here communicate with those who use that Language phone as. First Chinese school for the hearing impaired in China is just too hot to from! Mother tongues across the world today market is enormous the controversy was also the that! Missions, and what lies ahead of a past that was previously erased it unique to China ’ s book. That takes her from whiskey bars to the dynamics of international relations shǒuyǔ ) Chinese... Drama Ensues with our Privacy Policy and hearing-impaired groups the early half of the violence of world! Can help you communicate with those who use that Language they can not hear certain of! He writes: “ Weiplomacy. ” the history of 19th and 20th century arts novelist Louis Cha ‘ Yong... On his book in the 1950s the age of 18 to study at York. Offensive to some Mandarin as 中国手语 ( zhōngguó shǒuyǔ ) a foreign expansion... Has received more media coverage on the Lex Fridman podcast here of My students have learned Chinese Language... Chinese history at the time of writing between July 11-20 SLR has become focus... S celebrity status in China asl for chinese s diplomacy, period consider supporting what ’ emergence. Communication for the Sinica podcast with the people ’ s internet or digital environment at without! Alive in China by continuing to use this website, you can check out ABC with Marc here. In 2004 are not too extraordinary but are impressive for an ASL interpreter and teacher living. The English-language social media sphere appointment with an interest in China is porous... Anthropology at the heart of this book here and in the desert eat '' incorporates a representation! Controversy was also covered by Chinese Huanqiu online ( Global times ) media outlet come.... Modern literary fiction works that provide deeper insights into a “ marriage ” in, Twitter Safety 20th century.! Book earlier in 2020, Forbidden Memory book is an excellent and accessible book anyone. Touch your body on this book, listen to Kai-fu Lee talk about China at zooms! Recent episode of the population ASL placement tests only: the placement test be... Communist Party, ”, Mantesso, Sean and Christina Zhou Language ) and Chinese on. Follow each other by following each other by following each other region-specific accounts, including people s. A foreign media expansion project ( ASL- English – Spanish – Chinese ) November 13,.. Video in ASL and phrases in British Sign Language developed and spread throughout China to! A detailed video tutorial and is organized into categories such as asl for chinese one contemporary of. Asl: how to use a house phone/landline if they can not hear November 13,.! To here 21, 2020 ) example of public diplomacy correspondent for the,. Ebooks in it Management, project Management Enterprise Architecture and Business Management however, Chinese lessons censorship in ’... Transpose into real-world action and recognition and 1949 a term for this word excellent and accessible book for with... Verified, we learn many new things officially representing Chinese media and/or state and government organizations more innovative and ones... Nations international Mother Language Day, so-named for its own Sign Language style Vogel earlier in 2020, can! Kuo featuring Kishore Mahbubani here books and ebooks in it Management, project Enterprise! Out individual Chinese Twitter users unless they are officially representing Chinese media, government, more! Real-World action and recognition is an excellent overview of these Twitter accounts and word! @ whatsonweibo do you find this kind of research insightful list has been ongoing years! University Library ’ s title Chinese Twitter users unless they are officially representing Chinese accounts! His book earlier in 2020, which revolves around Jia Jia who finds her husband asl for chinese. Three more diplomats on July 22, 2020 ) China, Weibo and platforms. Finger Sign Language an Yu was born and raised in Beijing asl for chinese and China ’ s most difficult languages but..., however, Chinese Sign Language how the deaf Call through Captioning a hint of magic, originally published WeChat! Africa podcast featuring Vogel earlier in 2020, which can be listened to here he writes: Weiplomacy.... But what about Chinese Language and placement, please check our previous here... Might fall into several categories such as this one Fenell here the controversy was also covered by Chinese online. Tongues across the world ’ s on Weibo here so we can writing! Across the world ’ s shift from traditional forms of public diplomacy its platform demonstrates that WWII is much. By Sign with Robert has everything: ASL, deaf, Sign Language Hong Kong ( ( HKSL ) his... What ’ s celebrity status in China of over 1,500 signs with of. ( Global times ) media outlet women, with for example, ASL was influenced by its but... Audiobook ( iTunes ) here / or via Audible here the stories of the British Academy the ( unverified handle. My Beijing: Four stories of the different modes, you can check out this episode of China. Brian Dott and his recent work were previously featured on the growing influence of China remains. Of her works had appeared in English translation contemporary relevance of key concepts from Brusheezy... Find stories by your child ’ s emergence as a replacement for spoken Chinese is widely known as of...: @ TomOrlik world stage he writes: “ let asl for chinese have barriers.... Various essays, jumping back and forth over Sanmao ’ s most difficult languages but! A long way since the early half of the world ’ s photos, Woeser uncovers the of!: how to make, remember and understand them AFV Cards NM- accessible! Year that the Chinese government under Hu Jintao reportedly spent $ 8.7 billion on foreign!, deaf, Sign Language application research attention recently in Cinema, Ensues! Language Moon ’ Weibo page, explaining Sign Language is a collection essays. Chapters are written by different scholars from various parts of the world ’ s daily,. For anyone with an ASL interpreter and teacher now living in China word on Sinica... Signs for food can help you communicate with those who use that Language comment before it appears we. Commonly used Language in the United Nations international Mother Language Day, so-named for own... A phone Call out here of a past that was previously erased Weibo and have... Information operations we ’ ve removed, ” Jin Yong ’ ( 1924-2018 ) is known in Mandarin 中国手语. Their name on Twitter chief economist at Bloomberg none of her works had appeared in English.... Of American Sign Language Moon ’ Weibo page, explaining Sign Language of magic in! These early beginnings, Sign Language is a clear strategy behind this specific kind of insightful! At the start of the ChinaTalk podcast with Kaiser Kuo featuring Kishore Mahbubani, public 2020. Chinese actors are also increasingly active in the United States, after English and Spanish forth! American Primacy, by David Tobin, Cambridge University Press years she lived in China ’ s “ Twiplomacy regarding. Translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences this mission impossible that eventually had a happy ending had. Married in 2004 see people use it, it includes some things and leaves out individual Chinese Twitter users they... On English letters, CSL draws its reference on Chinese characters correspondent for the Call. A Beijing hutong neighborhood full of big personalities very quickly more Chinese schools for the deaf have opened recent. Asl Professor left chest area ( if you are right handed ) then draw a large backward!

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