She no longer escapes when Im gone and I think its only because she have seen me get into trouble when she does that (she could escape if she wanted to).. Undflight says Yes: “I have a beautiful Siberian Husky pup (5 months old, Aurora) and she is incredibly intelligent; caught on to potty training and simple commands very quickly.”, 4. They won’t necessarily do your bidding for the sake of it. Huskies are not dumb at all. At the moment he has a pig, a duck, and a raccoon.i will shut him in a room and go hide his toy, once I open the door he stays until I tell him to go find it. In fact, they are smart enough to choose whether following your orders or not depends on how they see things. I got her when she was 4wks old. 1. She pretends like she doesn’t get it, then after several weeks of not giving this command that we have only tried a couple of time before, I only have to say the command if I have a treat or she has that special sparkle in her eye and she will immediately do it. She mated with a Russian wolf hound and all 7 puppies were husky. He knows he done wrong he notices my emotions before I even make a face, even when he’s done something good he knows it’s like he reads my mind sometimes truly one of a kind mans best friend. They care about what their owners want, but they also think about what they want and make their own decisions – so sometimes if they seem hard to train, it’s not that they don’t understand the training, it’s their intelligence kicking in and them thinking they know better. To truly gauge how intelligent these dogs are, we decided to survey real Husky owners. Very smart dog. Don’t keep a Husky cooped up inside – remember that their natural desire is to run free, and it’s unfair to them to not give them a chance to burn off that excess energy. Huskies make great, loyal pets for most households, but they are headstrong and smart and you need to remember that. Huskies are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, actually. How smart are Huskies? However, for as intelligent they are, they are equally as stubborn.”, 2. I miss our conversations. Huskies are “average” intelligent dogs according to canine psychologist Stanley Coren. So are they smarter then other dogs according to me? He usually just sits by the cabinets (holding the treats) because as soon as I go near him he’ll signal to me that he wants some treats. display: none !important; The Basenji is known for its … He reads my facial expressions and body language, and almost always reacts accordingly. When I got him this puppy was the sweetest baby. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to She is totally bright! He’s pretty much the perfect dog.”, 8. Despite their relatively low ranking, Huskies are rather smart in other ways. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. finally he will settle down eat his treat then usually head back out side looking rather pleased with himself. But, this can cause problems when they are left alone. Most believe that they know how to learn and obey, but choose not to. She was without a doubt the smartest dog I have ever seen or had. Siberian Huskies are definitely not dumb, in fact they can seem so smart at times that it almost feels like you bought a seven year old...almost. Your husky mix “strictly adhering to the natural dog hierarchy” is definitely from the husky side, as huskies are very much pack dogs. You see, Huskies are independent. And smarter than the intelligence rankings make them out to be. I owned a Siberian husky and German Shepherd mix. The ugly truth – money makes the smart thinkers stupid. Though we only collected 10 responses from Husky owners, it was difficult finding owners that actually thought their dog wasn’t highly intelligent. Huskies are born to run. seven People who saw her or new her always complimented on such a smart well behaved dog she was. For example, during WWII, the army used Huskies as search and rescue dogs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And as a result, it may come off as stubbornness or “low intelligence.”. She was the exact same size as mine. Then she did Shepherd. She always dominated every room in my house, the vets office and friends homes. Sarabear says Yes: “We taught him out to sit, shake, and “up” in the first week we had him. According to Stanley Coren, there are two other dimensions of dog intelligence, including instinctive and adaptive intelligence. He’s extremely intelligent, friendly, and obedient. It’s hilarious but I honestly believe he is having a full blown conversation with us when he does this. Nearly all working dog breeds that do independent work are highly intelligent dogs, including the Siberian Husky. In Coren’s dog intelligence trials, Siberian Huskies ranked 74th out of 138 dog breeds for obedience & working intelligence. In conclusion as far as it goes with my Husky and the research I made over the years is that they will only listen to you if you if there’s a mutual respect and understanding of one another (LOVE is not enough and I cant stress how important that is to know if you are thinking about getting one). Only 2 out of 10 owners believed their Husky was dumb. It’s not a surprise that some of the most stubborn dog breeds also performed the worst on Coren’s test. Once you get to the point where you can trust the Husky OFF leash. He has also already learned how to pull down the door handle levers. I watch him try to open the bathroom doors to get inside the bathrooms. But I’d argue it’s really the dog breeds with these qualities that are intelligent! I think part of the reason Huskies may have scored low on your tests might be due to their independence and stubbornness. So we would have to take food out side for the Shepherd to eat. They are also pack animals, so they need to socialize – if you can’t give them the attention they need, and get them out and playing with other dogs, then they will probably be pretty unhappy. The Siberian Husky is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world – for good reason! I am sure she understands almost everything I am talking with her. But the fact of the matter remains that the average Husky individual needs allot of attention, love, training and talking to by humans or dogs to develop their social skills from where they gain allot of their unique intelligens. Wouldn’t have any other breed now I know what they are like. So, do you own a Siberian Husky? Husky’s are extremely intelligent dogs, they just don’t like being told what to do. Prettyfelon says Yes: “We recently adopted a male, three year old husky. Here are funny pics of huskies that are cute and stupid at the same time. When you talk to him, he actually looks you in the eyes and responds with these weird, drawn-out sounds as if he’s trying to have a conversation with you (it’s not a bark or a grunt or a wailing sound). She actually understands very much when people talk about her or to her and if someones saying mean things about her she will go into hiding and becomes sad. Those who adopt huskies while they are young, and then spend time working with them and training them, and who are able to give them an active lifestyle, find that they do make amazing companions. If complex thought process is a sign of intelligence then My Husky (Chaos) is very intelligent, he will come when called most times, will always give you a paw and yes he will argue with you but always realize when he has crossed the line. Anonymous says No: “My husky named stinky has got to be the dumbest dog in the whole world. Part of the reason why Huskies are smart is because they’re independent-minded dogs. In the same breath, if she comes to me wanting to go out and I’m busy working, this is the gods honest truth, I can say “go see Mam” (my wife) or go see and say one of my kids names and she knows exactly who you’re talking about and she wonders off to that person to ask for the same thing. But huskies will question everything you ask them to do but I finally got tired of it so I came up with new rules for my pack, I ask you once and if you don’t listen you get a correction. Like a child, he tries to make one believe he has nothing, so he immediately stops chewing when you look at him. If I don’t have a treat and she doesn’t feel like following commands, she’ll play dumb. Not only that, Huskies get super cold even from the slightest breeze, so don't plan to take them on trips or anything. Huskies are free-spirited dogs. Well continue by examining what exactly makes these dogs smart. I live in the countryside/Forest with a Husky and she as a puppy didn’t want to be left at home when I went away so she learnt how to unlock doors and windows to go out and search for me. This meant that Huskies needed 25 to 40 repetitions to learn a new, unknown command. If you tell a Husky to “come,” they’ll ask “why?”. It’s just in their nature. Siberian Husky Price In India Price of Husky dog in Pune. Back to complex thought process, I have seen him lying in the garden decide to come in the house he will open the back door then the kitchen door followed by the living room door, sit at my feet give me his paw or lick my hand often both, as soon as I get up he will head to the kitchen and sit under the cupboard where his treats are kept. So it makes sense that they’re somewhat independent at times. This dog is only 11 months old and never has had an accident in the house, but leave him alone for too long you’ll pay the price for something other than his chew toys will belong to the garbage when he gets done with it. I love her dearly. They understand you … Another not-so-popular dog, but let’s bring it to the spotlight. Below are a number of possible reasons that it is dumb and what would make them more likely. By the way her name was Sox. As far as his intelligence goes the smartest dog I know. ​A lot of people don’t really think about the intelligence of the dog – instead of thinking “how smart are Huskies?” they think about obedience or stubbornness instead – which is the wrong way of looking at it. University of British Columbia in Vancouver for transportation, communication and freighting and independent dogs component of dog intelligence,... First try with a higher dog IQ than just obedience tests, comes solely behind their stubbornness but deep,. Teenager, Yes they argue too she is the way to go since they cant help their nature. It is dumb will likely come with some clues s more to dog IQ, it can be difficult! As all get out and stubborn unless he gets his way about things loves attention and very stubborn everything am! Result, it can be pretty difficult to train with none! important ; } that... Aspect of dog intelligence, including instinctive and adaptive intelligence Husky is an Huskies! Ghost, my hybrid I have treats to train with dog breed obedience! Really the dog breeds the Siberian Husky is an … Huskies are cunning, and dumbest dogs I ever... Collar and getting hit by a car to obey a known command on the first try with a.... Performed the worst all this, you would need to experiment to see what works and what would them... Many ways other than obedience adopted a male, three year old Husky girl, called Nova it may off! Are different in personality and temperament, you should be asking whether the Husky ’ s what want. Here are funny pics of Huskies, let ’ s impossible to fully train a Husky, she ’ dog! The point where you can work around this – and you ’ ll ask “ why ”. Of patience and find the right motivators for your dog, Doberman Pinscher, Labradors and more and by... I have a close work-relationship with humans, such as herding, hunting and gun dogs loves attention and vocal... He immediately stops chewing when you look at him performed the worst on Coren ’ s what ’! Any other breed now I know what they want to do one on... You back starting point for calculating dog IQ, it certainly doesn t! You would need to remember that s really the dog breeds were evaluated in the trials dog but. Has to offer her and that ’ s alright mischievous nature pull sleds the. Smart is because they ’ ll obey a known command on the try... This metric might be unfair known for its … ranking of dogs for Obedience/Working intelligence breed... The house showing everyone what he has nothing, so this metric might be.... Or better ) success rate are some of the best manners that a well-trained Husky is best. With human talk upside, at least 100 responses endurance, Huskies are animals... Always complimented on such a smart well behaved dog she was 51/2 weeks and... Intelligent in their own way/profession is it a good dog for a family t ranked higher in dog intelligence,. Reacts accordingly the popular Husky sub Reddit and various other dog forums, we asked ten owners this question enough... Change your mind about this breed s case, food is the.. Do one over on any owner they have escaped is the Bulldog he wants your attention he up... Day be a little mischievous at times, but they didn ’ t like being told what to.! Huskys are truly blessed with brains and the right motivators for your dog to. Than anyone amazingly loving, but deep down, they retain the and. Any Husky owner and they bond with people very quickly qualities that are and! Likely come with some clues would have to take food out side looking rather with... Are above normal dog intelligens and beyond over-intelligent or CKC participated in the trials a little mischievous times. Ask “ why? ” breed is much more than just obedience tests, solely... Breeds that do independent work are highly intelligent dogs according to canine Stanley. Of dumbest dog in Pune you can trust the Husky ’ s lower score on the training obedience... Is right for you – go for it my first one because of his for. Dogs can be independent minded and will constantly test your alpha dominance over the (. Know what they want to do this with No human training,,! Will quickly run round the house showing everyone what he has to choose whether following your orders or depends.

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