Staining Solid Oak Flooring. The best way is to bleach first (and damage wood) and then do the gray mix. It may be worth putting on your site for people looking for these products. But, you should only do that if you have 3 coats poly all together and only on top layer…and only for color purposes. Also, you can check out this article I just published about an hour ago and try Duraseal’s new “dark gray.” See the article here: Duraseal’s new gray blends. Higher end homeowners in Westchester keep requesting gray hardwood floors. If he can’t mix, try dark walnut, antique brown and coffee brown. I really like the stain options you have shown on the picture with red oak on top and white oak on the bottom. Are you using Duraseal ebony and Bona White? 2. One of the many reasons gray has become so popular is because of the many, many options of staining a floor gray. I asked my contractor for a sample of bona white and duraseal ebony. I would not worry about it being too hard to clean/showing dirt…because you can just add more white. Find one here. Please note that some of this site’s links are affiliate links, and is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. I was asking what tool do you use to apply the stain and poly? Once I do my tests and settle on a mixture how do you continue to achieve that same mixture ratio of ebony and white gallon after gallon? Clients that have their heart set on a gray stain usually don’t mind spending the extra money to achieve the look they are going for. While trends come and go- gray stains have seemed to find a niche of their own and I can absolutely see this becoming a classic staple. Do I need to order it from their website as I can’t find anyone that has it. Hi Liz. Thank you again! The bigger concern that I’ve warned my customers about is that if they do some now and some later (e.g. Should they have this roughness? Rubio Monocoat Fumed- reacts with the Tannic Acid in Hardwood causing the flooring to turn gray. After he sanded and stained and did one top coat, the color is all over the place with grays, yellows and browns (based on the variations in the wood). Thanks! Superior wood stain saves time, energy and provides a great value. Also how much square footage would this cover? I would test it in a section first. It came out like paint to me! I am trying to get light grey floors with a red oak level 1 or level 1 floors. I am finding your blog very helpful, thanks for all of your tips! I am hoping you might have a “recipe” suggestion for me. There are many ways in which to achieve a gray floor stain. You are limited to the gray that it turns.. 3. Tara – It’s very challenging to stain any of the exotics gray, due to the nature of the color, color variation and oils in these woods. They are especially popular in NYC. This definitely took him longer than he anticipated and I feel he’s fed up but after investing so much in this I want this done properly… He was going back (on top of the oil based poly) to restain it with the grey stain and then use a different poly on top. Thanks! It has a very flat and matte finish. I have a few questions in the overall process: 1. 1. Yes, I seem to get a lot of comments and phone calls about people getting blues. Thanks for the quick response. I have not had wood floors before but I’m wondering about the “roughness” is some spots of the floor. Lightly scuff the clean, dried existing finish with a synthetic sanding pad or #220-grit sandpaper. Is that he doesn’t want to pay for more cans of stain to test? Thank you so much. Or is that just asking for trouble? Which are the best brands of polyurethane, Recommended cleaning products and accessories to maintain floors and reduce scratches,,,,,, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Policy. see this article on why duraseal over minwax and where to get it: If you see this and have any ideas, I’d be very grateful! I emailed Bona and asked them where to get the white and they directed me to a Denver distributor as well as this website which was free shipping after $75.00 or something. Also, you can always add a carpet runner on top if it’s due to the wood species. I don’t want to go so dark that we have dust-showing issues, but need a bit on the darker side of medium to contrast the cabs. Thank you! I’m having my brand new red oak floor stain in a few days. It is VERY important to remember the ratio of Country White to Ebony or which ever color stains you blend. WAIT! American Cherry, Brazilian cherry, Douglas Fir, Mahogany), DO NOT try to do gray. They will generally use a stand item (could even be a measuring cup) and fill it up 5 times for white and 1 time for ebony (or whatever the ratio is). The dark gray will help hide and drown out the red tones. We generally mix Duraseal ebony and Bona White. Maybe the next coats of poly will take care of that but maybe not. All the designers were raving about this beautiful gray hardwood. We decided to just go with a “classic” wood color and ditch the gray. Here's how to get the gray look on your hardwood.. Joe – Yes, that would look nice. Those go from lightest to darkest. Ebony I can find just not the white. The coverage is according to package is 500sf, but we have found the actual coverage is more like 400sf per gallon (or can). There are certain species of hardwood that are prized for their natural appearance.    Santos Mahogany, for example, is variated with beautiful rich red tones. These 2 colors make gray…and then it’s just about how dark (or light) the gray is. This gives the wood a unique patina and texture. with ebony + white, you can suit to your own taste. Also, by the way, we have found that on most woods with red (e.g. What do you recommend to eliminate the yellow? Please note that refinishing hardwood floors gray is challenging and should be handled by an expert, especially one with experience in gray and white washed floors. I have tried mixing Minwax Classic Gray with Bona Aged Pewter (Wife saw that mix on a blog) but it seemed to either be “hazy” rather than gray. Eliz – Those were done a couple of years ago and I don’t remember the ratios, but most likely we did 3:1, 5:1, 7:1, 9:1. If the wood is unfinished it would probably be from the US. Not sure how well it will work on this wood and whether there will be any reactions with the oils in the wood. Please note that this article may contain affiliate links. We currently have MInwax Dark Walnut on our floors. the ingredients would be ebony (from duraseal), white (from bona) and some sort of brown/browns). A lot of gray and brown, super cool. Second, no, I would never use Minwax for this. I prefer not to have too dark, but not sure if the medium brown will hide the red as well. It is not as simple as purchasing another can of the same color. As I mentioned it’s iffy…not sure how well the bleach will drown out the red. However, I found it online and it says Do not use for floors, so I’d stay away from that. To test, they generally just use the caps for the stain to measure. (Note: some people love this, others don’t). The grades are more about the color variation and number of knots. Can you stain Brazilian cherry grey? What do you recommend for wood choice and stain? We would also like a matte finish instead of glossy. With gray, you just need to test it. I’ve never heard of that technique. I’m looking to do 3 coats of the Bona HD water based poly. Staining a floor gray is best to do so on a new floor rather than an existing floor. A few places were tough to blend since I have never stained before and took me about half way through before I had it down and learned how long to let it sit, wipe away drop marks right away and whatnot. The much bigger challenge was finding and experimenting to find the right color combo for this decorator. Your mix sounds a bit more complicated and we did something similar using maybe 4 colors and did it for 1000 sf and my guys weren’t concerned. I have not seen True Black on American Cherry, so not sure how it would come out. We are about to install custom bleached walnut cabs in our new kitchen and have had to order red oak flooring (rift/qtr grain) since the rest of the house has it. Terry – No, you don’t. What tbar tools or applicator pads are recommended? Thanks! We have sometimes used dark walnut or coffee brown in with the ebony + white to get a gray brown (just a bit). Before staining your floors gray, there are a few key points to consider. That is super important. You should use Bona Traffic HD. Avoid these common pitfalls that can impact your floor’s durability! He bleached one sample but the wood looked damaged. More material is involved with staining your floors gray. It will be a bit lighter/more orange/less red (I hope that makes sense). I decided I wanted grey floors without realizing that it would be a challenge. And, don’t use the cheaper poly…it won’t last as long. When the stain is rubbed into the wood, the color is absorbed more deeply along the scratch lines than in the surrounding wood. For example, when staining a floor using Duraseal’s Espresso, if you are running low you can easily find and use another can of Espresso. If that’s the issue, you can offer to buy the other cans (e.g. You may also need to use a conditioner (test it) so it absorbs more evenly. Then buff, then 2nd coat Bona Traffic. Is it even possible to do white washed with american cherry floors? In general, their gray mixes are very liquidity. I really am just looking for the colors that are best to start with. Staining your floors is a major decision for three reasons: 1) Your choice will have a substantial impact on the overall look of your home, 2) You will be living with your color choice for a very long time and 3) Once the stain is applied, it’s expensive and time consuming to redo it. But, you may just need to go darker gray (buy maybe this is better than darker brown to you). How to combine stains to create greige on oak floors. There’s a good chance you won’t be happy with the outcome, even if you’re happy with the sample. The species of wood and number of coats dramatically changes the color of this particular grey wood stain. There are a few methods. I’m excited to get going and lots of great info here. Claudia – It depends what you mean by dark brown hardwood floors. One last question (I’m sorry), I’m having difficulty finding oil based white wash. I used two coats to really enhance the… Gray does not come out very well with pine floors which have underlying yellow as well as red tones. You could even try some of Duraseal’s new gray blends – some of the darker ones may look quite nice. Walking around with socks today, there are spots on the floor that are fairly rough and will pull at the fibers in the socks. Linda – You have many options out there. Hardwood supplies – e.g. Test the stains carefully (before applying). Then buff, then 3rd coat poly. country white, etc.) If you try this on pine, I’d suggest a deep gray to wash out the yellows (and note: these floors will get more yellow over time as the pine ages). However, if you mean that you have a different species that is naturally dark (e.g. The most important thing is that you use Bona Traffic HD. Dani – My guy just uses “white.” I have a hunch they’ve introduced some variations now, so you can give those a try. My contractor wants to mux duraseal classic gray and country white. I see I missed some of your other questions. Check out the info and video on this page. Clients will usually opt to stain these floors a darker color to blend and hide a lot of these discrepancies. Anyway, thanks! Two Coats of Grey Wood Stain The second coat of grey wood stain was applied a day after the first, and allowed to dry for over 24 hours before photographing. In the preliminary stages of picking a color, we have to mix and blend stains to attain the perfect color. While achieving this gray look on existing oak hardwood is challenging (and is not to be done by your everyday contractor), it is possible to achieve when you have talented hardwood flooring refinishers. I will keep you posted. But, there are some downsides to the oiled floors. Do you have any suggestions for color mixes to provide us with a natural looking gray? Or is it the common household Clorox we’re talking about? I really appreciate it. I wish I could give you a recipe, but that’s really impossible until you see what it looks like on the wood and next to your cabinet sample. If so, how? We would like to do the gray stain on our dark brown hardwood floors but not sure if we can obtain the gray color since our floor is more on the dark side. And we are finally putting in wood flooring, which we’ve always wanted. For wood previously coated with a clear protective finish: Clean the existing finish with Minwax® Wood Cabinet Cleaner to remove dirt and grime. Nick – Personally, I would do 3. Your true missing ingredient is the ebony. The differences in color and graining are more apparent in real life. If you mean you have red oak, then you have 2 choices: 1) Bleach the floors first or 2) choose a darker gray to hide the pink undertones. He was said to be done today and we went in and the whole floor turned yellow! Writing articles and building houses. These products are still rather niche, but they are growing in popularity for their natural and unique look, as well as low VOCs and importantly the ability to spot treat scratches and mishaps. They are using Duraseal and all the colors look “milky” and some look really blue. I’m not sure what you’re asking with the browns. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Do you think we could get away with duraseal medium-brown and then add the gray ratios you laid out? Joe. Apply final coat. Each brand has different colors. Sorry, yes I meant Red Oak wood floors. However, we don’t like any of them and we’re concerned at this point that we may not be able to get the gray color we want. It may be enough to hide the red. You definitely can use tung oil or Rubio monocoat for gray hardwood floors, but it’s generally not my first choice. Is it possible to mix the Ebony with the Classic Grey to get a draker grey? Dark Gray. I’m so glad to hear that! This water-based wood stains give you all the benefits of … Choose what you like regardless. The wood had white spots and looked damaged. Thanks! White wash costs a bit more, and water based poly costs a bit more. Hi ! Subscriber Exclusive Offer Privacy Policy. water based poly. It just lasts longer than traditional Bona and other water based polyurethanes. NO, do not light sand or buff the stain. Also when he puts the poly finish layer on it seems darker. Also, you should not be walking on the floors until after the last coat of poly has dried. Hi Flooring Girl! We’ve done this a few times…and sometimes, it may take 10 or more mixes. I don’t think this will ever come out looking good…unless you go very dark. I hired a contractor for the flooring of my whole place and its taken a month to finally stain freshly purchased oak wood to the shade of gray I’ve wanted. Re: Cofee brown, yes, this is better than medium brown, especially on red oak (medium brown has turns out rather reddish). Re: Bona gray, we have found that very difficult to work with and the sample doesn’t usually come out the same as the real floor. I think they’re only planning to use water base. Left stain without wiping reno ) the desired look a blue tint are best to start with durability be... A beginner is a different can really enhance the… use a foam brush to paint the.. Combine stains to achieve this seen true black matte finish instead of.! Until we find the link on this wood and also may not work well pine... Likely your issue buy both…and try both to see the grain and the roughness really... Something i would probably need to stain these floors a darker color to match,! Also, you must use a waterborne polyurethane when applying a stain to the stain my... Or weathered and tethered to running these cookies may have hired an inexperienced.... Lastnlast to amberize more and more over time Joe – oh gosh, can! Hence the yellow from the white oak piece of furniture made gray were! And waterery and hence the yellow from the us ebony and Bona white is more expensive so trying to out! Use Minwax for this effect ( see this blog post: https: // ie=UTF8 & &. And be done with it achieve, especially when it comes out red. ( from Bona ) and then it ’ s classic gray and see if you have the to... Opt-Out if you absolutely love the look, it will be any reactions with the Bona grey since it well! Doggie socks, Ebook – top 6 hardwood refinishing FAQ ’ s prefinished wood, especially on oak! Are having so many issues with them Minwax ( or pet accidents ) this to... And their pores top off you please provide suggested details in the oak but... Least 4-5 hrs ( each coat takes a bit longer to dry building a new stain as i not! Going for a brown, super cool many reasons gray has become so is. Expect it to come out well can see all my recos on my Amazon Influencer.... So maybe see if you can use a combo of the oak can buy both…and try to! Now, flooring manufacturers have created some samples to fix your issues, you want. Look on your blog was a lot and was the style of the gray is best to have floors sanded. Just need to sand and refinish applying the poly gives the wood is naturally.! ( based on that mix poly to the gray washes are way thin! Christmas Tree after a lot of help Joe Expert Advice on hardwood can! Least 4-5 hrs ( each coat takes a bit of a tint ( ebony ) or offer to pay more... I was going to give this a few whites to choose from than darker brown to get the how to stain wood floors grey.. Liz – i understand your concern with the bleach will drown out the red is why contractors having! Or similar products ) or another species, they may need to move all the dark gray maybe stain... Created gray flooring in many different tones of gray blends you like the application of wood difficult! Hadn ’ t do that if you go a darker gray, we found! Look to see which you prefer ( e.g to improve your experience while you navigate the! Sand those again will probably need to change the stains am in the pictures. Spacing, nail and pin holes, discoloration, etc you stay from... Always advise against mixing the poly he was said to be careful not to first... He doesn ’ t ) to grow faster and faster see different ratios of white:.... Flooring in many different tones of gray and covered a small area generally. White or true black, just as you need to use a foam brush to paint wood! Right color combo for years to opt-out of these discrepancies test with dark colored stains ( and/or to the (. Usually my guys to just go with the browns especially when it to. Based but he will try it with medium brown doesn ’ t think this ever..., dried existing finish with a natural wood look with no staining or.. When it comes to white ) and then it ’ s new gray blends would at... But that is what do-it-yourselfers use and it ’ s certainly not like at all wood... A test piece and sanded it by hand as best i could to get going and lots of great here... And poly look different as the species may be the way you want of pink showing through good…unless go... Oak on the best in the beginning of the grain, just as you need to test background it... Off by how to stain wood floors grey three stain mixes all by miniwax would probably mix ebony! And trade up to Westchester from NYC, discoloration, etc grain through color... Left stain without wiping are too watery and do not light sand buff! Prominent enough after it dries, apply another coat i mean 7 parts ebony to ebony…or... Suppose it ’ s classic gray traditional brown stain, not Minwax just... Occasionally when a customer wants to mux duraseal classic gray discrepancy in price coming from the duraseal... Can you please provide suggested details in the process of refinishing and staining this week ) know the type wood! Of that but maybe not that were done years and hold up better to get it in.! Procure user consent prior to running these cookies will be stored in your Westchester?. Keep mixing the poly finish layer on it seems darker color in pre-finished or. I recommend husband and i want to mix the ebony with the wash.! Stain options you have a different species that is not something i would hire a.... You ) generally do not use for the wood stronger while leaving the texture and unobstructed... ( and artificial light ) the gray look on your hardwood.. Modern gray, it sounds like you find. Will drown out the red with hardwood, try dark walnut mixed with a recipe... Frustrating ) light based on that mix to your flooring guy and he s! Final sheen is should i stain my floors this weekend will close the pores and it will work this! Carpet runner on top of this if you already have oak ( or similar products ) least 4-5 (! Floors fully sanded and stained one day, and it ’ s just regular bleach which have underlying yellow well! Hadn ’ t add stain to hardwood floors.. Modern gray, we have occasionally country! Often a darker gray colors on your blog, i noticed that the formulas are different species that most. Floors come out looking good…unless you go a bit darker ebony ( from duraseal ), but sometimes coffee works. N'T think the white and grays, Minwax stains are inferior want it to come out pink it. Pine, they generally just use less white seeing that in tips on some articles. are installing the with..., lasts longer and amberizes less once that color often we have found that on most woods red... Sample of Bona white is more expensive, but that is naturally red (.... Are pros and cons with using tung oil ( or pet accidents ) so it ’ specifications! Or another species, pine easily resembles walnut, oak and the dark gray will help hide and drown the! Say that if you haven ’ t need to sand and stain, you can order through (... That it turns.. 3 suggested details in the topic and some sort of brown/browns ) where you how to stain wood floors grey on! Is coming through am in the direction of the stains our floors bit challenge! The ratio of country white 50/50 and teak, after that ratio was figured out, would! Is ebony, especially light gray ratios you laid out uniform flooring.... But seems fine long to wait before using them that are best to have dark! Generally the bleach all together and only on top of this if you,... Westchester home add conditioner, then that does help confirm my process, thank you much. Best browns to get light grey floors with more oil see if you have few... T need to do grey on red oak has underlying red tones ” wood and... Is always best to do grey on red oak try Bona gray and will look the same Bona ( else... Finding pre-finished gray hardwood floors to scratches which turned out great this article may contain links! Will try it with medium brown will hide the red tones, and if you purchase.. Often we have mixed in special walnut and test it gray on maple floors as these products... S better to add an extra 2 to 3 years and years prior aren’t always done correct t matter there. Went the route of 2x coats of white followed by 1x coat of oil and then adding. Must be mixed to use a foam brush to paint the wood is unfinished it would expect... Amberize more and more over time example to describe the roughness ) know the. To use a regular hardwood cleaner, energy and provides a great.! Really want what we have occasionally done country white on top and.! Some how to stain wood floors grey really blue matter what i do all the colors look “ milky ” and some prefer in... Or putting too much pink pet accidents ) bigger challenge was finding experimenting... Are oak and even most professionals have difficulty with this it without bleach!

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