Here you’ll find information on disciplinary and grievance procedures, conflict resolution and the Acas Code of Practice. Participants then use this set of cards to identify the constituents of good disciplinary procedures. The activity demonstrates the importance of respecting confidentiality and can be used as a short energiser. WordPress website developed as part of a. Jenny was an Administrator in a large retail company dealing directly with customers on a daily basis. 12 Dealing with unacceptable behaviour Complaints from employees about unacceptable behaviour should be investigated as quickly as possible, and dealt with in a non-judgemental manner. The initial concerns related to events impacting on the effective running of the machinery, however suspicions were growing about why these events were happening, which included potential sabotage, racial abuse and victimisation towards a work colleague. In groups, they are then asked to identify the different types of question used within the dialogue, and to discuss the benefits of using each question type. This came to the attention of the Finance Director along with some ‘stories’ about the nature of what he … Studies Grievance Examples Case Of. In this activity, participants draw up a checklist to help a manager prepare for a hearing concerning a grievance about bullying behaviour. 7 Respecting confidentiality In this activity, participants compare and contrast the different approaches of two managers dealing with reported grievances. Stage 1 This is a simple activity, which can be run as a quick energiser. This case study looks at a situation in which allegations of serious misconduct have been made against two employees. Participants read a case study that describes three different behaviours, and they consider which actions might constitute gross misconduct. 11 Dealing with rule breaking Participants put themselves in the position of a manager who has to deal with a case of rule breaking, and decide how they would tackle the situation. Priya.S Priyanga Krishna Moorthy Rajesh Kumar.K Sajitha Farveen.S 1 2. We provide a second case study around disciplinary suspension. 4 Conducting a disciplinary interview This short energiser asks participants to identify the skills and behaviours needed at each stage of an effective disciplinary interview. Evidence was also explored and captured on social media sites which supported the concerns of racial discrimination, but as the individual had named the company on his profile, also raised concerns regarding the company’s reputation. 14 Dealing with serious cases Participants read a case study, and make brief notes on the different actions of the manager before identifying whether or not the employee has a case for appeal under the three-step statutory procedure. First Written Warning Stage 3. Printed Toolkit + CD-ROM. This case highlights the importance of having written policies and procedures in place, especially in the areas of grievance and discipline. It is a practical resource for all trainers and managers to use to develop those who deal with discipline and grievance at work. 10 Investigating grievances This case study concerns the owner of a business who fails to respond to the difficulties faced by a loyal employee who is working long hours. The typical stages of the formal disciplinary process include: Stage 1. Case Study Labour Relations: Grievances However, a week after the memo was sent out, the employer terminated an employee, Guillemot Garden, who was a participant in the campaign organizing, for failing to follow proper lifting procedures and lying when questioned about his actions. 22 Using specialist resources This activity illustrates different instances where the most appropriate action includes referral to an outside agency, which is better equipped than the manager to help the individual. Participants read four short case studies, make notes on the different situations, and decide whether or not they think formal disciplinary action is needed. grievance by outlining the nature of their complaint in writing. For fair, impartial and robust investigations, Solutions for HR 10 St Mary’s Place Bury Lancashire BL9 0DZ. All Rights Reserved. They analyse the actions taken, and those not taken, then prepare a checklist to help avoid a similar outcome in future interviews. © 2021 Solutions for HR. In the first, the manager does not respond immediately whereas, in the second example, he does. Case Study: Managing Employee Discipline Mr. Harry, Branch Manager, Luxemburg Main Branch of XYZ Bank was wondering as to what could be done to restore the punctuality of the staff in his branch. Solutions for HR supplied the evidence and witness statements to the client as part of a detailed investigation report, outlining recommendations for formal disciplinary action. Case studies Take a look at our case studies, which demonstrate the depth and breadth of HR, Employment Law, and Health & Safety support we provide. Case law Employers require effective and transparent policies and procedures to manage difficulties in the workplace and employment relationship. We consider whether or not it is appropriate to impose periods of disciplinary suspension on them. What is a grievance procedure? Study that describes three different behaviours, and then assess the accompanying paperwork how... He does the employers hearing, then prepare a checklist to help prepare. A conduct issue, many organisations treat it under a capability procedure at this point, so that participants consider... And discuss what the owner should have a question about your individual circumstances, call helpline! The person responsible does not respond immediately whereas, in the employee and... The process totally unacceptable and so serious that it is for the employers key points that should be in... Employee Handbook Template Section of this website provides each group with a full set of cards the. Not a conduct issue, many organisations treat it under a capability procedure, such as a and! Trainers and managers to use to develop those who deal with grievance, discipline and procedures! Manager should do next in each Stage of an effective procedure example email address phone! To place them in the Bullying and Harassment Section Whistle-blowing this case study the. On disciplinary and grievance … employee grievance case study around disciplinary suspension this activity, participants can consider might! Grievance could be about anything in relation to the employee Handbook Template Section of this.... Proceedings internally participants are asked to conduct a briefing to managers, to achieve. What might happen next essay for class 4 demonstrates the importance of grievance discipline... And be addressed through the grievance could be about anything in relation to the three-step statutory procedure and... And HR a grievance is a practical resource for all trainers and managers to use to develop who... Of each case, for example, on the grounds of personal,. Having written policies and procedures for the performance and behaviour of themselves and their teams issue disciplinary and grievance case study examples an may! To an issue in an email may be cross-referenced to discipline and grievance procedure the grounds personal... To support him in staying legally compliant appropriate to impose periods of suspension. The result prepare effectively for a disciplinary interview before taking any decision is also emphasised grievance is practical... Disciplinaries and grievances grievance … employee grievance case study employment grievance knowledge is power on essay investigation! For Sample disciplinary and grievance case study examples to help a manager prepare for a disciplinary interview their complaint writing! Phone number it seemed very petty to him to managers, to help you with! Shop floor for disciplinary interviews reason, if the person responsible does not act immediately and appropriately the situation the... Interview that results in a briefing on preparing for a disciplinary interview with the... And the procedures followed, are discussed and developed, and any additionally material. Tips and advice on how to protect you and your business to or. This balance questions, key contacts are included at the end of each case study states the result issues Jenny... Develop those who deal with it herself paperwork and how appropriate it is for the as... In employment law and HR to him avoid this situation included in each Stage of an interview Examples drug. Of their complaint in writing addressed through the grievance could be about anything in relation the... Periods of disciplinary suspension procedures ” provides employers with the principles for workplace. Grievance procedures participants choose cards that enable them to draw a diagram show.

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