tyvoli, tivoli, tivoly

An exhibition of Thomas Bénard
From January, 30 to March, 11 2012

A chez-robert project

Introduction of the chez-robert project

Online exhibition launching on January, 30

To end the exhibition tyvoli, tivoli, tivoly, by Thomas Bénard at chez-robert, met the projet owners on friday 02 of march, at the “Motel bar”, in Paris, at 19pm.

“Le motel”
8, passage Josset – 75011 Paris
( accross the Charonne and Ledru Rolin streets)

One of the biggest highlights in history of arts – the Tivoli mania – is the starting point of the in situ project developed by Thomas Bénard.

Act I: the scene is established. Seven elements are arranged in the gallery following the rough form of a temple. The linear reading of images is unsettled; “jump cuts” seem paradoxically to be intentional.

Act II: the staging is set up. Daylight is diffracted by the fiery red wall. Traditionally associated to theatre setting, this colour underlines the artificiality and the symbolic area of representation. Certain walls have fallen, opening the gallery onto Jura mountains country, where chez-robert project is taking place.

Act III: completes the reference to the original site. A set of quotes is now added to the pictures, extracted from descriptions of Tivoli’s site. With this series of distance-taking from the original content, Thomas Benard is looking critically at the status of images and the conditions of their stratified emission-reception, especially in the new mass media “iconophage” context. Displaying in its multiple dimensions hypertext usage, he spreads confusion, plays with the reuse of existing structures, recalling quote and transformation practices qualified by Gerard Genette as “hypertextual”, cocking an ultimate snook at the picturesque connection and the exercise in style, where the viewer’s power is actually to be aware of show’s mechanisms.

C. Migraine, London, January 2012

Translated by Noémie Bénard

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