3d chapter of the project What Happens to People
and What Happens to the Land is the Same Thing

Soundwalk at Jardin du Val Rahmeh
conceived by Chiara Nuzzi, curator et art critic,
as part of ACROSS #16

With the artists:
Valentin Ferré (France), Islands Songs (France/Germany),
Annika Kappner (The Netherlands), Giacomo Raffaelli (Italy)
et Anna Raimondo (Belgium)
+ Mathilde Dadaux (France).

Jardin du Val Rahmeh – Menton
Avenue St Jacques in Menton
Station SNCF Garavan + a 5 min walk

2:00 PM : Opening of the garden, access to soundwalk
through MP3 (available on site)
3:00 PM : Meeting with some of the artists
& Chiara Nuzzi and Claire Migraine, curators of the project
4:30 PM : Performance VOIR by Mathilde Dadaux

Upload here the presentation of the tour

The Dissident Garden is the third and last chapter of the project What Happens to People and What Happens to the Land is the Same Thing, a series of events curated by Chiara Nuzzi that aims at exploring the role of art in ecological emergence, and started in February 2018 in the context of a three-months curatorial residency ACROSS held by thankyouforcoming in Nice.

Hosted in the suggestive Val Rahmeh Exotic Botanical Garden in Menton, The Dissident Garden faces, through the specific media of sound and performance, the theme of reconciliation as a fil rouge that characterizes all the chapters of the program.
Can dissidence stand as a key concept through which to achieve reconcilement and reconnect with our surroundings and with ourselves? Starting from that question, the project sheds light in particular on the environment – natural, social, economic or work-related – that hosts us and that we, as humans, are drastically influencing and shaping, reflecting as well on what can be our strategies to establish new connections and relations for coexistence with it, and with our kind.

Through this last chapter, the project aims at facilitating a reflection towards the reconnection of the human body with itself and with the natural environment, and it underlines the role that the sound element increasingly plays in artistic research, no longer as a mere medium, but as an instrument of expression as such.

For the occasion, contributions by Valentin Ferré (FR), Islands Songs (FR-DE), Annika Kappner (NL), Giacomo Raffaelli (IT) and Anna Raimondo (BE) are gathered together in a mixtape available to the public through a sound walk, from April 22nd to May 19th.

Conceived as a collective show en plein air, the sound walk offers, on a unique soundtrack, five different audio pieces inspired by the project’s topics, which are often newly-produced works. The visitors, using MP3 and headphones, will be able to experience the pieces while walking in the garden, discovering and getting in touch with the varieties of nature that are preserved and cultivated there and, at the same time, to interact in a different way with other bodies and presences. Conceived as a metaphor of the human condition, a newly-produced performance, focused on the topics of humility and resilience that plants bring with them, will be presented by artist Mathilde Dadaux on the occasion of the opening, on Sunday, April 22nd.

Le Jardin est ouvert du 1er avril au 30 septembre,
de 9h30 à 12h30 et de 14h à 18h.
Fermé tous les mardis, le 1er mai, le 25 décembre.
7€ plein tarif, 5€ tarif réduit

The third season of the program ACROSS is realised with the support of the Region Provence – Alpes – Côte d’Azur.
 The events program is realized with the support of the Prize ON BOARD 2017 promoted by MiBACT Ministry of Cultural Herit- age and Activities and Tourism – General Directorate for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Suburbs and by GAI – Association for the Circuit of the Young Italian Artists.

Free entrance for this day only, by presenting the flyer below: