Cross-talk, proposed by Rado Ištok
curator and researcher, as an extension of his work
produced during ACROSS #8 in January 2017.

In collaboration with Florence Benaddi,
student at the Villa Arson – National art school in Nice.

Discussion in French and English.

Tuesday 29 May at 7:00PM
Librairie Vigna
3 rue Delille
06 Nice

Since 2015, thankyouforcoming runs a critic and curatorial residency program from Nice. ACROSS (scènes de province) is a collaborative, participatory and experimental project.

Curator Rado Ištok (Stockholm) and artist Florence Benaddi (student at the Villa Arson – National art school in Nice) invite you for a conversation about their respective interests in constructions of beauty and homes through means of, on the one hand, make-up and fashion, and on the other, architecture and interior design. Understanding fashion and architecture as the second and third skin, the conversation will explore the relation of the two to our very skin as well as to what is underneath in terms of queer and racialised identities.

Comparing complex and contradictory figures connected to the French Riviera, such as Josephine Baker, Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, James Baldwin or Eileen Gray, with the contemporary examples of fashion and interior design in relation to the minority experience, the conversation brings together a diverse atlas consisting of local historical references as well as global internet culture. Florence and Rado first met in January 2017 during Rado’s participation in ACROSS residency. One and half year later, they meet in Nice again to share their interests and research and they invite the public to participate in their conversation.