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Jury Season #8

09.03.23 >09.03.23
Jury Season #8
09.03.23 > 09.03.23

The selection process of the laureate of this 8th season of ACROSS residencies has demonstrated - once again in the 8 years of the programme's existence - the dynamism, quality and commitment of the critical and curatorial scenes around the world.

It is both a joy and an honour to witness such vitality, and to contribute in our own way to its continuation.

After having consulted all the applications received with great interest and attention, we can agree that the jury wished to temper the adage (formulas impoverish thought, don't they!) according to which "to choose is to forsake": in the end, two laureates will each benefit from three weeks of residency in Nice and on the Côte d'Azur, in April/May, then May/June 2023.

Thank you to all those who send us their applications!

The many applications received from 26 countries and nationalities throughout the world have been studied by:

I Amanda Abi Khalil, ACROSS #33 resident, is an independent curator and founder of TAP (Temporary Art Platform) in Beirut, Lebanon. She is guest curator of ArtParisArtFair 2023.

I Ann Guillaume has a PhD in Art, and is developing a practice focused on this profession and all professions that study the links between culture and environment. She co-founded the Maison Composer, a place for research and creation (art and life sciences).

I Claire Migraine is an exhibition curator and production manager. She is artistic director of thankyouforcoming, coordinator of the ACROSS residencies and mediator of the "New Patrons" protocol.

I Mathilde Roman is an art critic (Treasurer of AICA international), a professor at the Pavillon Bosio - École Art & Scénographie de Monaco and leads exhibition projects.

I Hélène Soumaré is an art critic and is conducting doctoral research on the exhibition space and its architecture. She is a resident at the Wonder - Research & Writing Centre and teaches philosophy.