September 2019 from 14 to 21, with On the Move,
for the Ministère de la Culture and the French Institute.

As part in the mentoring programme on international development, coordinated by On the Move for the Institut Français and the French Ministry of Culture, with 7 other visual art organisations, thankyouforcoming has been invited to participate in the 2019 Southeast Asian Art Residencies Meeting and TASA Annual Meeting, with the support of the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture.

A rare opportunity of discovering a new territory, its specific network, and to present at an international level the ACROSS residencies, the New Patrons project, and to talk about the contemporary art world in France, and on the French Riviera especially.

Discover HERE the full program of the Southeast Asian Art Residencies Meeting and TASA Annual Meeting.

* with the Réseau Diagonal, la FRAAP, Platform, Arts en résidence, DOC!, Diaph8 and le Réseau DDA.