The Sun At Its Zenith,
Videoscreening of artists’ films followed by a talk/debate, an evening proposed by Rosa Lleó, art curator and critic, as part of the program ACROSS #7,
alongside with Karim Ghelloussi (artist) and Claire Migraine.

Thursday 8 December – at 7PM
Le Narcissio
16 rue Parmentier
06 Nice

Since 2015, thankyouforcoming runs a critic and curatorial residency program from Nice. ACROSS (scènes de province) is a collaborative, participatory and experimental project.


Confronted with the current challenges Europe is facing, including the growing influence of nationalist movements in Northern Europe and the threat of a dual-currency system, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and Greece are at risk of becoming the periphery of an emerging Empire, the Anglo-German Empire.
Philosophers, such as Federico Campagna and Giorgio Agamben, have toyed with the idea of a counter Southern Europe Empire.
This was first suggested by French philosopher Alexandre Kojève, in the 1950’s, who imagined a “Latin Empire”, that echoes the geo-philosophical movement that have inspired several intellectuals, including Paul Valéry and Camus.
Kojève dreamed of a system, where production would be based on families, and not solely capital, in order to build an European union, which would not be just a string of economic data, but one that would give more importance to culture, family, and other social factors.
Based on Kojève provocative proposition, this evening is designed as a collective poetic reflection on an alternate scenario, encompassing its advantages, problems, and ways of working and living in this alternate dimension.
Le Soleil au Zénith, without dismissing the actual challenges of Southern Europe, is an invitation for the audience to imagine, through a series of videos and artistic practices, the future of Southern Europe.
Rosa Lleó, November 2016.