Together in Agony we Persist (TAP) : Pratiques curatoriales et extrêmes crises

Amanda Abi Khalil,
as part ofACROSS #33.

Thursday 25 November 2021 at 6:30 PM
Villa Arson, 20 av. Stephen Liegeard, 06 Nice (tram Le Ray)

In French – Free entrance

Since 2015, thankyouforcoming runs a critic and curatorial residency program from Nice. ACROSS (scènes de province) is a collaborative, participatory and experimental project, giving visibility to French Riviera art scenes and questioning the politics of mobility and criticality in contemporary art.

Autres événements publics programmés dans le cadre de la résidence d’Amanda Abi Khalil :

Du 20/11 au 04/12, projection au Narcissio (festival OVNI) du film Ellipses, une conversation avec Omar Amiralay, un projet de Sandra Iché coréalisé avec Nesrine Khodr, avec la collaboration de Lorde Selys et Pascale Schaer.
Samedi 27 novembre 2021 de 10h00 à 12h30, table ronde Not in the same boat: Residencies / hosting artists in exile or in a state of emergency, en collaboration avec On the Move, au Narcissio (programme “La Vie d’artiste”).

Together in Agony we Persist (TAP) : Pratiques curatoriales et extrêmes crises.

Dans le cadre de la résidence ACROSS #33 organisée par thankyouforcoming à Nice en partenariat avec Arts en résidence – Réseau national.

An account of her curatorial practice in recent years requires exposing the extreme political, humanitarian and social crises that Amanda Abi Khalil’s two cities of residence – her native Beirut (Lebanon) and her adopted city Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) – have been experiencing since 2019.
This talk, built around the curatorial methodologies adopted by TAP (Temporary Art Platform), the location-less structure that Abi Khalil directs, will address, among other things, the question of the social scale of production of art projects, the practices of hospitality and care that constitute the foundation of the curator’s role, as well as curatorial manoeuvres – improvised “hacking” procedures in times of extreme crisis. In order to defend these ways of working with artists and the world as a form of resistance and to multiply their echo, she will make the link between art and survival, art and the living.

Amanda Abi Khalil’s ACROSS #33 residency, run by thankyouforcoming, is part of the “nomadic curatorial residency” organised by Arts en résidence – Réseau national with the support of the French Embassy in Lebanon/SCAC and the NAFAS programme – 100 residencies for Lebanese artists in France, co-financed by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture.
The screening curated by Amanda Abi Khalil and organized at Narcissio by thankyouforcoming benefits from mobility assistance within the framework of the PARI! programme, supported by the Ministry of Culture, the French Institute and coordinated by On the Move.

Image : Courtesy Temporary Art Platform. Art Ecology and the Commons, Beirut, August 2021.