Chalk Circles
Talk and public discussion

Talk proposed by Ruth Estévez,
curator, writer and stage designer,
as part of ACROSS #18.

(attention, change of schedule !)

Friday April 2018 at 6:00 PM
Vigna Bookshop
3 rue Delille, 06 Nice

Since 2015, thankyouforcoming runs a critic and curatorial residency program from Nice. ACROSS (scènes de province) is a collaborative, participatory and experimental project.


In this talk, Ruth Estévez, former director of visual arts at REDCAT/CalArts in Los Angeles, will review the work done in recent years in this institution, especially in relation to the inclusion of the spoken word within the exhibition space.
Notions about temporality, performativity and gesture will be discussed not only as terms associated with the production of events but as a way of thinking in curatorial production.

The conference is presented as a mixture of documentary material and texts that the curator will read in situ, from projects such as: Hotel Theory (co-curated with Sohrab Mohebbi) in relation to the inclusion of theory within contemporary performance; Chalk Circles, a project that investigates the inclusion of acting methodologies in contemporary artistic practice; and The Words of Others, a documentary project around the literary collages of León Ferrari, texts that were created by assembling hundred of newspaper´s quotations to be read in public.

Entrée libre et gratuite, dans la limite des places disponibles.