Curatorial activism
(Taking Places. Part. 1)

Public lecture and talk,
proposed by Sasha Pevak, art researcher and curator,
as part ofACROSS #14.

This lecture is the first event of Taking Places,
itinerant project in collaboration with Hanna Zubkova
in conjunction with Moscow (January 2018, Blind Spot) & Paris.

Saturday 9 December 2017 at 3:00PM
Vigna Bookshop
3 rue Delille, 06 Nice

Since 2015, thankyouforcoming runs a critic and curatorial residency program from Nice. ACROSS (scènes de province) is a collaborative, participatory and experimental project.

CURATORIAL ACTIVISM (Taking Places. Part. 1)

On the occasion of his residency, Sasha Pevak (France/Russia) will present the notion of “curatorial activism”.

This category has entered the vocabulary of contemporary art at the beginning of the 2010’s (the notion was simultaneously proposed by the curator Maura Reilly and the art researcher Kylie Message) and since then has prompted numerous interpretations. Based on the examples of actions by curators activists, the lecture will question the objectives and the potential strategies of curatorial activism today, opening the way to a collective reflection on the perspectives of these practises.

Which forms could take the curatorial activism inside and outside of the institution? What alternative structures and dispositifs could be initiated by the curators activists? What use of public space could they propose? What status could be granted to the artworks and the artistes in this new context? Is it possible, and necessary, to curate a protest action?

TAKING PLACES, itinerant project initiated by Sasha Pevak & Hanna Zubkova, consists of a succession of events that take place in Nice, in Moscow and in Paris. Taking as the starting point a research on the notion of curatorial activism, it will make gradually evolve this scientific object and its interpretations, while transmitting information and realizing physical displacements between France and Russia. The curator and the artist, who will constantly exchange roles along the project, interrogate as well the places that are assigned to them in the frame of such a collaboration.

Free entrance, within the limit of available seats.