Exhibition Relatives – [‘sʌbstəns] Act 2

July 2011, La Tannerie – Les Perles, Barjols (83)
Opening on Saturday 9, July, exhibition from July 10, to August 7, 2011

Artists :
Benjamin Blaquart, Jean-Baptiste Ganne, Sophie Graniou,
Chourouk Hriech, Benjamin Hugard, Nicolas H. Muller

A proposal by Claire Migraine and Nicolas H. Muller

Lire le dossier de presse de l’exposition

RELATIVES [‘sʌbstəns] – Act 2  is the sequel to an exhibition that brought together 16 young artists in Nice in October of last year and is part of a wider project concerned with creation in situ. In the first phase of this project, art works were specifically designed for the old fashioned Villa Cameline space. These works hovered between devotion to the existing atmosphere of the space, adaptation, infiltration, modification, transformation and/or confrontation. The aim of this exhibition was to take over the exhibition space, its history, its appearance, its architecture and its environment.

Artmandat Association has organized the second phase of this project for summer 2011. The curators of this exhibition, entitled Relatives, have invited young artists from the Côte d’Azur to work in a renovated former tannery in Barjols (now an exhibition space) and to use this space as their subject and medium. Here, the artists will exhibit their works in a new context, with technical and visual constraints. The architectural features of the site are a unique challenge, since the exhibition space is notably composed of 3 troglodyte caves.

Save the dates:

Saturday 9, July, at 6:30 pm
Opening of the exhibition, in the presence of the artists

Sunday 24, July, from noon to 2:00 pm
“Mi-dit barjolais”, meeting and discussion about the exhibition

Sunday 7, August at 11:00 am
Finishing of the exhibition and presentation of the catalogue’s layout
(co-edited with the éditions DEL’ART)

And July, 16 – 17
« Parcours urbain – week-end art contemporain »,
organised by artmandat
in partnership with Barjols City

Practical information:
artmandat – Les Perles | 19, rue Pierre Curie | 83670 Barjols, France

Contacts :
relativesprojects@gmail.com | 06 71 59 36 42 – 06 72 79 97 54

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