Brussels Off Art FairPOPPOSITIONS #1

Opening on Friday 20, April, at 12:00 noon
Friday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22, April
from 12:00 noon to 9:00pm
(admission free)

Artists invited by thankyouforcoming:
Stéphanie Lagarde and Cyril Verde

On a proposal by Claire Migraine

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Station Brussels Congrès
Boulevard Pachéco 38
Brussels – Belgium 1000

Metro 2, 6 – Botanique
Tramway 92, 94 – Congrès

POPPOSITIONS is happy to announce the participation of:
Dougie Eynon & Nicolas Bourthoumieux (Abilene Gallery)
Gérard Meurant ([or nothing])
Jan Kempenaers (Outlandish)
Sarah Van Marcke (Outlandish)
Aurélien Dupuis (Ponyhof Gallery)
Karen Vermeren (Ponyhof Gallery)
Stéphanie Lagarde (thankyouforcoming)
Cyril Verde (thankyouforcoming)
Alan Fertil & Damien Teixidor (The Ister)
Hugo Charle (The Ister)

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Download the press release in Dutch

POPPOSITIONS is a new off-fair taking place during Art Brussels 2012, showcasing emerging artists and galleries/curatorial projects working with site-specific exhibitions. A selection of artworks will be presented in deliberate interaction with a unique architectural setting, the railway station of Bruxelles Congrès.
POPPOSITIONS has the aim of establishing a critical alternative to the prevailing fair’s format while nurturing high artistic standard and international appeal.

In the framework of POPPOSITIONS, Claire Migraine (founder and curator of thankyouforcoming) invited Stéphanie Lagarde and Cyril Verde to reflect on the symbolic value of Bruxelles Congrès as a meeting and passing place. Taking Walter Benjamin’s notion of arcades as a point of departure, the artists will reassess the terms of economic exchange, its context, purpose, actors and flows.

In the new work A Cockfight, a one-screen version specially created for POPPOSITIONS, Stéphanie Lagarde focuses on the ritual gesture, the rite of passage that takes place during the fighting. A transference occures between man and animal, and a strong bond tights the action of one to the reaction of the other.
The cock ring becomes the place of performance where a non-official local economy is at stake.

Stéphanie Lagarde (b. 1982) explores the concepts of distance and relationship, and uses text, sculpture and video to put in place a space of tension, possible reversal and resistance. Using language, mythology and geography, Stéphanie invokes a link between different spaces and/or time frames. Her research focuses on the act of creating resonations, bonds, and symbolic value. By emphasizing absence and disappearance, her work focuses on what we lose, what escapes from us.

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With Beloved Assets, Cyril Verde offers a poetic use of the web-enhanced barter. This new process-based sculpture depends on a delicate economic balance and
a share responsability with temporary collaborative agents.
Cyril Verde (b. 1986) works on notions of cooperation: either direct, indirect or remote. In 2007, when invited to participate in a group show at the modern art museum of Saint-Étienne, he chose to show the work of seven other artists. For his first solo exhibition in 2009, he invited some fifteen people to use his work as raw material and recompose it in functional forms. In 2010, he shared his invitation to the exhibition Dynasty with Mathis Collins. He is currently preparing a series of sculptures and lectures together with Sébastien Remy, which will be presented in 2012.

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Stéphanie Lagarde
A cockfight, Un combat de coqs
10’38’’, digital video, color and sound, 16/9, videoprojection.
Unique, version designed for POPPOSITIONS

Cyril Verde
Beloved Assets
Mixed media, variable dimensions, 5 ex.
Protected Words (Beloved Assets)
Postcards, 15 x 10 cm, 100 ex.

“Sans prendre les airs ostentatoires d’un manifeste, l’exposition rassemble de nombreux projets réflexifs (des conditions d’existence / de présentation de l’oeuvre d’art, ses modes de circulation,  etc.). A ce titre, l’oeuvre de Cyril Verde, intitulée « Beloved Assets » et présentée par Thankyouforcoming est peut-être la plus exemplaire, puisqu’elle renverse complètement la logique économique habituelle des foires d’art. Cette installation est en effet un assemblage évolutif d’objets – tapis, table, etc. – achetés sur Ebay par l’artiste au cours de la durée de POPPOSITIONS et transportés sur le lieu d’exposition par leurs revendeurs. L’artiste devient ici l’acheteur et son travail, plutôt que d’être disséminé par des ventes successives pendant la foire, se construit a contrario par des aquisitions.”
Review de Poppositions #1, par Devrim Bayar (extrait)
Lire la version intégrale ici