Curator Amanda Abi KhalilLives and works in Rio (Brazil), Beyrouth (Lebanon) and France1985

Resident ACROSS #33

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Amanda Abi Khalil holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Projects in the Public Space from the University of Paris 1 (Panthéon Sorbonne) and in Sociology and Anthropology of Art from the University of Paris 7 (Paris Diderot). She has a practice of mediating contemporary art internationally through curating exhibitions, public commissions and collaborations with artists, institutions, foundations and fairs, with a particular focus on the social practices of art and the questioning of the exhibition format.

Abi Khalil has held teaching positions at several universities in Beirut.
In 2016 she was nominated for ICI curatorial vision award and in 2019 she received the Soros Art Fellowship.

Since 2017 she lives between Beirut and Rio de Janeiro where she is developing a research and exhibition project on the theme of hospitality in the Global South.

Amanda Abi Khalil, Lebanese curator, founded TAP (Temporary Art Platform) in 2014 in Beirut. This curatorial platform committed to contextual, public and social practices in contemporary art initiates artist residencies, public commissions, research projects on practices in public spaces and aims at mediation between arts, territories and societies.

Following the multiple crises in Lebanon since 2019, TAP is now registered as an association loi 1901 in France.