Talk with the artist and screenings
proposed by artist Elisabeth Molin
about her residency and work-in-progress.

Wednesday 13 February, at 8PM
Place du Pin in Nice
15 rue Bonaparte, 3d floor on the left

Born in 1985, Denmark.
Lives and works in London.

Thankyouforcoming welcomes Elisabeth Molin in Nice, where she is now working on a new video work titled « Half a Word ».
The video juxtaposes different scenes around water; the forms/containers water exists in and the different materials/substances it takes. The scenes are juxtaposed with sounds of water pipes, dripping and boiling water, sounds that creates mishaps between the images and the sounds.
The French Riviera, the Mediterranean Sea, its colors and shades, the local marine research institutions (Laboratoire d’Océanographie in Villefranche-sur-Mer, Musée océanographique in Monaco among others), persuaded Elisabeth to spend a time of residency and research in Nice.

“My work deals with slips in perception, time warps and bodily displacements; often materializing as objects, videos, storytelling and through performances. Through my work I attempt to look beyond the seamless ideology of the world we live in and finds multiple jarring contradictions, dislocations, asymmetries and quiet injustices. The solutions to these questions lie in the hint of rupture, of the gap between what we see and what we understand to be true.”
– Elisabeht Molin

“Molin’s works act like footnotes to reality. They help broaden our visual understanding, offer clarity and reveal what is hidden or overlooked. By focusing on a detail, an object, a process, they help expand our knowledge of these, with lightness. Once the details become apparent, you wonder why you had never noticed them before? Molin has an eye for unlocking phenomena around us, to make us think, twice.”
– Emily Butler

Elisabeth Molin has exhibited work at SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen; MAW, New York; and Austrian Cultural Forum, London, among others. Molin has shown her videos at the 31st Stuttgarter Filmwinter, 7th Cairo Video Festival, and Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival. She has been awarded residencies at ISCP, New York, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris and CCA Andratx, Mallorca. In 2017 she published ‘Lies and Diet Coke’ and ‘Black Rooms’ with Motto Books in Berlin.