Open Studios

16-17 & 23-24 May 2015 from 2:00pm to 8:00pm

The Open Studios is a unique sought-after event in France. It provides the opportunity to dive into the secret artistic venues, both in the cities and the countryside, to meet directly with the artists, and to discover new talents – who might be your next door neighbour. During the 16 times this event has been happening, Accélérateur de Particules, the organizer, has collected an impressive database that comprehensively lists almost every visual artist working in Alsace.

Curated tours

As part of the Open Studios event, five figures from the art world will take you to discover the art scene in Alsace through their own selection of 12 of the participating artists:
• Maryse Jeanguyot – Director of Faux Mouvement art center in Metz
• Jean-François Kaiser – Gallery manager at Jean-François Kaiser Gallery in Strasbourg
• Claire Migraine – Curator and founder of thankyouforcoming
• Ann Stouvenel – Visual Arts Department Manager at Mains d’Œuvres Saint Ouen
• Nicoletta Torcelli – Curator and editor at Arte Freiburg

Curated tour by thankyouforcoming

Le Bastion 14 * / Vincent Chevillon / Camille Fisher / Guillaume Barth / Capucine Vandebrouck / Caroline Gamon / Thomas Lasbouygues / Anne Immelé / Skander Zouaoui / Zahra Poonawala / Camille Brès / Clémence Choquet

« We call those connections « elective affinities » since there was a conscious decision to select one over another; a connection was deliberately broken in order to connect another one, the one we chose. » ** 

The Ateliers Ouverts is a precarious experience for both the artist, who opens a window onto his/her research and work matrix, and the visitor as well, who will undertake a short but dense journey into the enigmatic world of an artist.
Again, deciding twelve among literally 1000 artists is a bold choice…
I have purposely decided to present a contrasted selection of artists to force us into thinking differently, sometimes at odds with the current trends.
This intertwined selection mirrors the Open Studios, which is a fertile event which displays a vast array of diverse artists, as well as a unique moment to realize that an artistic journey is made of experiments, failures, and new beginnings.

* With a special focus on the works of Joséphine Kaepellin, Horace Lundd, Jeanne Berger, Lucie Guillemin, Laurent Odelain, Marius Pons de Vincent, Letizia Romanini.
** Johann Wolfgang von Gœthe, Les affinités électives, 1809, translated by Sophie Lim from Aloïse de Carlowitz, La Bibliothèque électronique du Québec, Collection À tous les vents, Volume 1043 : version 1.0, 2013, page 70.