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Dans quel film vivons-nous ?

Dans quel film vivons-nous ?

Céline Ahond proposes a visit-performance in Nice, in the heart of the Liberation neighbourhood, invested by herself and her "accomplices".

Dimanche 5 octobre 2014, de 10h30 à 12h,
Quartier de la Libération, Nice

Céline Ahond

Programmation en écho, exposition collective Mascaret
I Dossier de présentation du projet (PDF)
l The Truth Will Set You Free de Maxime Bondu, MAMAC (archive à venir)
l La Bounty à Nice de Matteo Rubbi, espace A VENDRE (archive à venir)
l En résonance à Market Zone

The artist constructs her performances in the form of paths that take into account the place of the spectator who is aware of his or her gaze in the process of looking. The landscape of each stage of this walk is transformed into an image to be crossed with the public, where each stop becomes the element of a writing in movement. The spoken dimension of Céline Ahond's work brings into play a visual thought often linked to the environment. The stories she tells us reveal a staging of life and play with plausibility...

Céline Ahond plays on the interstices between images and words. Her performance-lectures mix all kinds of narratives, using image projections, video devices and staged objects. Whether in the public place or in a space dedicated to art, for Céline Ahond, speaking means tracing the path of a thought under construction. The memory of anecdotes, the surrounding reality, the micro-events that occur are described, framed, recounted and participate in the writing of a narrative of daily life.

To make the off-screen visible and to go beyond the framing of reality to show the very process of making images, to ask the questions: What is making an image? What does the image say? What does the sound say?

Embark on a unique experience that reinterprets cinematographic conventions, where your everyday environment becomes a fiction and takes on the appearance of a playground...

Céline Ahond has been offering this format of visits for nearly 7 years, and has for example recently collaborated with the Hors-Les-Murs HLM project in Marseille, the TRAM network in Paris, the Centre d'art contemporain Les Capucins in Embrun, La Box in Bourges or the Ygrec space of the ENSAPC, the MAC/VAL in Vitry-sur-Seine and the Centre Pompidou Metz.
Born in 1979 in Clermont-Ferrand, she lives and works in Paris.