Exhibition Appât

From 9th to 31st March 2012
in the Galerie Aad,
Les Ateliers d’art et de Design – Geneva

Exhibition of Aline Morvan

In collaboration with Claire Migraine (thankyouforcoming)
and Aude Chabert (interior designer)

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Preview Thursday 8th March at 18:00

Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm
and Saturday from  10:00am to noon

Galerie Aad, Les Ateliers d’art et de Design
Bd du Théâtre 7, CH-1204
tél: +41(0)223109210
contact@lesateliers.ch / www.lesateliersad.ch

Aline Morvan is working towards interfering with the reading points of our environment, inviting to the creation of new territories, to a renewed exploration of familiar lands. Now, she is not trying to disturb only our perception of space and urban elements anymore… For her first personal exhibition in the Galerie des Ateliers d’art et design (Galery of Art and Design Ateliers) of Geneva, she has selected a set of recent works that deals with new perspectives and re-establishes the question of the making and techniques, inviting to reconsider the objects use and purpose, disclosing doubts about their functions and origins.

Utterly new experimentations are developed in these works, where the gesture, the material, the use, the accident, are all elements that meet, come together, harmonise and repel each other, through palimpsest works. Aline Morvan choose to produce supports to a projection, an elsewhere, that passes through notions of discrepancy and pretence while foiling and diverting the properties of the materials. Somehow, a new way to let the material organises itself. Thanks to the perfect command of materials and of surpassing the accidents without in so showing technical sophistication, she makes artworks that act as bait (appât in French), attract us, delude us, and trap us. She designs a meticulous world, almost precious, where the diversion and the depletion of the material, the experimentation and the repetition of shapes and actions take part in the creative process. Her work, that opens the technical part of the craft, introduces a connection between working in a studio and more conceptual concerns. Far from claiming any “mastery”, the artist develops her manual know-how while defying her own standards and feeling, in the down-the-line and the experimentation, her power of making.

The practise of Aline Morvan is to be found at the interface between fine arts and arts and crafts, art work and product, decoration and object, intentionally stirring up the tension between know-how, artistic value of the chosen material and represented object. From the design, to the perception and then the interpretation, no surface is too smooth to keep imagination from building its own representations.


Claire Migraine
Translated from French by Noémie Bénard



Aline MORVAN Born in 1982 – Works and lives in Geneva

Recently graduated from post-grade REAL, ceramic and polymers achievements, after the post-grade CAS ALPes- art, place, scenery, sound space, followed in the HEAD (Geneva university of Art and Design), Geneva. Higher national diploma of plastic expression 2008 of the Higher School of Art (Ecole régionale des beaux-arts) of Rennes (option Art).

Collective exhibitions (selection) : 2011 /Miniflux, Fêtes des Lumières, Galerie Roger Tator, Lyon ; Remplir le bac à litière de croquettes, proposition Desperate ArtWives, Annecy ; Stock Exchange, Dreieck Studio, Vienne ; Parade, Abbaye de Quincy, en collaboration avec Le Centre d’art de L’Yonne. 2010/Imaginez Maintenant, Metz, Centre Pompidou Metz ; Et vous, où partez vous ?, La Graineterie, Houilles ; .PDF, Porte de France, Gaillard ; Plaine/Off, Plaine de Plainpalais, Genève ; Translation, Galerie Ruine, Genève ; Space Between, proposition Monstrare, Centre d’art Bastille, Grenoble. 2009/Uchronies ou la ville au fond de l’oeil, part II, Ars longua, Paris ; Carte Blanche à…, Galerie du Couvent des Urbanistes, Fougères ; Raw Materials, proposition sans titre, 2006, Galerie 10rd, Nice ; Indiscipline 09, proposition DEL’ART, Nice. 2008 /Risk, Centre d’art contemporain La Criée, Rennes.

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Kit à fitness
Assemblage, verre, corde
Dimensions variables
Pièce unique

Attiré par tout ce qui brille
Écrin, led
5 x 5 cm
Pièce unique

Tordeuse des bourgeons de l’épinette
Moulages de branches d’épicéa reproduits en fonte d’aluminium
De 6 cm à 20 cm

Si ça se trouve, il sera toujours là demain
2011 – 2012
Sable, huile
16 x 15 x 15 cm

Confettis en porcelaine colorée, aquarium, eau, structure en métal
151,5 x 36 x 115 cm
Pièce unique

Acte #01 à 09
Tirages photographiques mat, contrecollés sur aluminium
40 x 60 cm
Éditions de 3 + 2 EA