Critic and curatorial residency program from Nice

Stay of Madeleine Planeix-Crocker from 1-17 September 2021

ACROSS #32 – September 2021

Madeleine Planeix-Crocker (born in Los Angeles, 1993) is a French-American researcher and curator, currently based in Paris.

Madeleine received a BA from Princeton University in cultural studies, then a Master’s in Media, Arts & Creation from HEC Paris. Her second Master’s at the EHESS was an arts-based research project on feminist performances and brave spaces, led at Women Safe, where she still organizes a theatre and creative writing workshop.
Madeleine is currently pursuing a PhD at the EHESS (CRAL), analyzing contemporary community-based performances programmed in French cultural institutions. She is also associate curator at Lafayette Anticipations. Madeleine co-directs the “Troubles, Dissidences et Esthétiques” Chair at the Beaux-Arts de Paris.
Since childhood, Madeleine has practiced dance and theatre.

In line with her research and curatorial practices, Madeleine hopes to study the possibility of commoning in artistic, social and political spheres of action. During the ACROSS residency, the idea is to relate fields of artistic practice with those involved in intersectional struggles for womxn’s rights, so as to imagine new mutual aid initiatives. To begin this process, we will propose a study of the “needs” (Gloria Anzaldúa, Borderlands/La Frontera : The New Mestiza) and a cartography of the available “resources” (Vandana Shiva & Maria Mies, Ecofeminism) so as to co-construct these actions-in-solidarity.