ACROSS (scènes de province) #3

thankyouforcoming visits Nantes from 1 – 6 July 2015
Sandra Doublet and Romain Boulay visit Nice from 1 – 5 October 2015

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ACROSS #3 – Nantes > Nice, 1 to 5 October 2015

Talk and artist’s films screening, Thursday 1st October, from 5:30 til 7PM,  at galerie Eva Vautier (2 rue Vernier, Nice). Free entrance.

Sandra Doublet, art curator and project head at MPVite

Sandra Doublet, Sandra Doublet is graduated from the Ecole du Louvre (Paris) and holds a Masters degree in « Curating Contemporary Art » (Paris IV Sorbonne), she is currently projects coordinator at MPVite (Nantes).
Since 2009, she is the assistant of curator Daniel Kurjakovic. She worked especially on the exhibition We’ll Know Where When We Get There by Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer (CNEAI, 2009), Owls turn their entire head to change views, a solo exhibition by Vittorio Santoro (Fondation Ricard, 2012) as well as on the radio piece project by Lawrence Weiner for the Atelier de création radiophonique of France Culture (2010/2011) and for the launch of the magazine Torrent (2014).
She is curator for the exhibition Vicarious (Vivarium – Atelier Artistique Mutualisé, Rennes, 2015), and co-curator with Lili L’Herroux of the exhibition Walk the talk (PAD, collectif Blast, Angers, 2015).
She is currently editorial board member and contributor of the annual review R.a-r, « Revue aller-retour ».


Romain Boulay, director of Ateliers MilleFeuilles

Romain Boulay lives and works between Nantes and Brussels.
He graduated from the Fine Arts School of Nantes with honours. He has since participated in many exhibitions in France and abroad. His work questions the relationship between painting and space: « Romain Boulay shifts our comprehension of the traditional two-dimensional space of painting towards the third dimension, in a mode distinct from minimalism. Indeed, it is not towards the object that his practice is aimed, but toward an understanding and an exploration of the painting as a volume and a place where the gaze exists (Les Peintures immatérielles) and, more recently, the body of the viewers (in sculpture-installations and his work’s architectural displays). » (excerpt from Tristan Trémeau’s text).

Since 2005, in parallel with his artistic work, he has started curating within the non-profit organisation Manifestement Peint Vite (MPVite), questioning the relationship of artists to exhibition places, in particular the concept of the White Cube and its neutrality. In 2012, he created, with Carole Rivalin and Michel Gerson, MilleFeuilles studios, of which he is director and of which Pierre-Alexandre Remy is president. MilleFeuilles is a production platform of 600m2 comprised of 18 artists’ studios and with production spaces for large-scale art works. Romain Boulay also teaches at the National School of Architecture in Nantes since 2011.

ACROSS #3 – Nice > Nantes, 1 to 6 July 2015

Dans le cadre de l’invitation au programme ACROSS, Sandra Doublet, commissaire indépendante et coordinatrice des projets pour MPVite, et Romain Boulay, directeur des AteliersMille Feuilles invitent thankyouforcoming à découvrir un ensemble de projets menés à Nantes, et d’artistes installés dans la région.

PROGRAMME DE VISITES DE thankyouforcoming

Lieux visités
La Dulcie galerie (ESBAN) et l’atelier sur l’herbe
Galerie RDV
Galerie Mélanie Rio
Confluence galerie
Blockhaus DY.10
Paradise galerie

Artistes rencontrés
Marine Class
Delphine Doukhan
Aurélie Ferruel & Florentine Guedon
Makiko Furuichi
Pierre-Yves Hélou
Yonsoo Kang
Marie Lancelin
Bertrand Leroy
Julien Nédélec
Julien Quentel
Pierre-Alexandre Rémy
Eva Taulois
Simon Thiou