Critic and curatorial residency program from Nice

Stay of Thomas Geiger from 14 to 20 January 2019

ACROSS #20 – January 2019

Thomas Geiger (1983, born in Germany, based in Austria) works as a curator and artist.

His artistic practice is based on performative and sculptural approaches that move at the intersection of public- and private/institutional spaces, seeking contact with different forms of public. His recent projects have been supported by the Fondation Ricard, Déspacio, Goethe-Institut Paris, Goethe-Institut Libanon, HEAD – Geneva, Pro-Helvetia and Atelier Mondial.

In January 2019, thankyouforcoming hosts him on the French Riviera, where he will temporarily install the KUNSTHALLE3000.

« My work is based between curatorial and artistic practice and focuses on performative and activist approaches in public space. 
A central question is, how curatorial and artistic practice in public space can operate in this field as an active part that can outline the rules, gaps, and possibility of this very space.
In 2014, I founded the Festival of Minimal Actions, a 30-day festival dedicated to the repetition of ephemeral actions in public space. So far the Festival took place in Brussels (2014), Paris (2015) and in March 2018 in San Jose, Costa Rica.
Beside, I am a co-founder of Mark Pezinger Verlag, a non-commercial platform and publishing house dedicated to artists books and experimental forms of publishing and making public. An important element in the practice of Mark Pezinger Verlag is the realization of exhibitions where the different approaches of artist‘s publications can come together. »

Since 2016, Thomas Geiger runs Kunsthalle3000, an institution as intervention in public space. Kunsthalle3000 was started in the beginning of 2016 in Vienna. As institution as intervention Kunsthalle3000 declares existing but unused “situations” within public space as Kunsthal- le and activates them for a specific time with invited artists. The project‘s aim is to transform the unused potentials of the public realm into new situations and to claim back this space for democratice use.
So far, Kunsthalle3000 took place in Vienna, Johannesburg (both 2016), Geneva and Beirut (both 2017), Paris and at the Langenhagen’s Kunstverein nearby Hanover (2018).

Corresponding to his practice, which is dedicated to public space, Thomas Geiger applied to the ACROSS residency program.
« I would like to engage and to learn about the structures and organization of public space on the French Riviera – a place definitly well known for the huge privatization of its costline and by this, for the limitation of public space. When public space gets occupied more and more by political and capitalistic interests, then the space for democratic use becomes smaller and smaller. This is why I strongly believe in the importance of artistic practice to reclaim this space – and this is also why I am also extremely curious to get to know projects/people at/from the French Rivera who are dealing with this topic.
As a condensation of these encounters, I intend to organize a one-day Kunsthalle3000 inside the public space that will take place at a “situation with unused potentials”. This place should be activated for one day together with local artists/curators/cultural workers to present performances, place interventions, talks about the possibilities, problems and ways of interacting with the public realm. Following the principles of the ancient Agora, the aim will be to create an energetic spot that brings discussion, confrontation and dialogue directly into the public sphere that opens up itself for a random audience and spontaneous interactions. »


Saturday 19 January 2019
From 3pm, in front of the former Casino de la Jetée-Promenade des Anglais
Free entrance