Critic and curatorial residency program from Nice

Stay of Fabienne Bideaud from 15 to 20 February 2018

ACROSS #17 – February 2018

Fabienne Bideaud (1982, France) is an art historian, curator, teacher and art critic.
Between 2008 and 2010, she worked as a curatorial assistant for the 11th “Utopics” sculpture exhibition in Bienne, Switzerland.
Since 2010, she has held a number of exhibitions such as Mètre Carré (Paris), Le champ de dispersion (Paris), Ready for fatality? (Berlin), On n’est pas sorti de l’objet (Bourges), Souvenirs et mémoires artificielles (Caen), Smoking Up Ambition! (Genève), La vérité des apparences (Paris et Clermont-Ferrand). Fabienne Bideaud is a lecturer at a variety of art schools, including the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, the Ensa in Bourges, the ÉSAM in Caen, and the Paris College of Art. She took part to curatorial residencies in Gwanju, South Corea; Prague, the Czech Republic; Budapest, Hungary; Stockholm, Sweden.
In 2012-2013, she is guest curator at La Box, Ensa Bourges. She is also part of the “Jeunes commissaires” exchange program jointly organised with the Goethe-Institut by the Institut français of Berlin, as well as a member of C-E-A (French professional association of curators) and AICA. In addition, Fabienne Bideaud is a founding member of the Golden Brain association, which organises exhibitions in venues that are – or not – dedicated to art. The association extends its invitations to artists and other professionals (such as art historians, curators, architects, sociologists and philosophers).
In all of her activities, Fabienne Bideaud seeks to explore and understand a given local art scene in light of the local context, ways and means of artistic production, as well as theoretical stakes.

Le Cabinet des influences

Dimanche 18 février, de 11h à 12h30 suivi d’un brunch
Le Narcissio, 16 rue Parmentier, Nice
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