Critic and curatorial residency program from Nice

Stay of Radoslav Ištok from 3 to 10 December 2017

ACROSS #14 – December 2017

Sasha Pevak (1988), art-researcher and independent curator, lives and works between Paris and Moscow.
Ph​D​ student at Paris 8 University, Sasha Pevak is particularly interested in the the relationship between art and power and is currently writing a thesis entitled “The body of artist as a medium of protest in Soviet and Russian art after 1974″​, under the direction of Prof. J​é​r​ô​me Glicenstein​.

His curatorial practice, strongly influenced by the notion of “curatorial activism” and by the theory of curating of Viktor Misiano, relies on long-term  intellectual exchanges and dialogue with the artists.
After graduating from Lomonosov Moscow State University and Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris 4), Sasha Pevak worked at “Monumenta” in Paris (2014) and at Le Frac Île-de-France – Le Plateau (2015). In 2016-2017, he is a member of the Editorial Board of the magazine Marges and curates numerous exhibitions in France and abroad.
At the beginning of 2017, he co-founded the platform for emerging art Shuttle 19 in Paris. In 2017, he co-curates the exhibition The Opposing Shore at the 7th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Moscow, accompanied by a public program. He is also a guest curator in residency at the Générator in Rennes (March 2017) and the CCI Fabrika in Moscow (September 2017).
Since 2015, Sasha Pevak has been conducting research at Paris 8 University as a contractual doctoral student, where he is also a lecturer.


Saturday 9 December, at 3:00PM
Vigna Bookshop, 3 rue Delille, Nice