ACROSS (scènes de province) #1

thankyouforcoming visits Strasbourg from 10 – 15 March 2015
Commissaires Anonymes visit Nice in October 2015

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ACROSS #1 – Strasbourg > Nice

Les commissaires anonymes – Curators and cultural mediators 

When Cécile Roche Boutin, a curator and consultant, meets Mathilde Sauzet, a curator and art critic, they team up in 2010 and create Les commissaires anonymes, a researching studio on contemporary art creation and mediation.

Deeply involved with the various art and design networks, as well as businesses, Les commissaires anonymes’s fields of study mainly relate to social innovation, the genesis of imagination and collective experiences.

At Les commissaires anonymes, the curator role is perceived as a mediator: Cécile Roche Boutin and Mathilde Sauzet dedicate themselves to act as intermediaries (practical and theoretical) between the different stakeholders of any artistic, social and political project.
For each context, Les commissaires anonymes brings the grounds for an open dialogue where the involvement of art comes and contributes to the different perspectives and questions of a given topic.

ACROSS #1 – Nice > Strasbourg, 10-15 March 2015  

As part of the ACROSS program, Les commissaires anonymes have invited Mickaël Roy, Grégory Jérôme et thankyouforcoming to take part in a weeklong brainstorming and production workshop with the artists from Bastion 14.

FRAC Alsace is partnering up on this project and hosting the workshop in their exhibition space. The outcomes of this workshop will be shared through an exhibition and public lectures, during the “Week-end de l’art contemporain en Alsace” (Contemporary Art Weekend in Alsace) on the 14th and 15th of March 2015.

As part of this residency at the FRAC and in relation with the reflection they develop on the concept of « commons », Les commissaires anonymes are planning to experiment different way of staging with the audience.

thankyouforcoming‘s PROGRAM OF VISITS

Lieux visités
Le Bastion 14
Syndicat Potentiel (Jean-François Mugnier)
La Chambre
Accélérateur de particules (Sophie Kauffenstein)
La Semencerie
Musée Ungerer
Frac Alscace – Sélestat (Olivier Grasser)
Crac Alsace – Altkirch (Elfi Turpin et Richard Neyroud)
Kunsthalle – Mulhouse (Sandrine Wymann,)
Fabrikculture – Heggenheim


Artistes du Bastion 14 rencontrés
(participants au projet Bastion Commun des Commissaires anonymes)
Elise AlloinFantine AndrèsMarie-Anne BaccichetJeanne BergerVincent ChevillonClémence ChoquetEmmanuelle GioraLucie Guillemin, Joséphine KaeppelinThomas LasbouyguesZahra Poonawala, Letizia RomaniniCapucine VandebrouckYiumsiri VantanapinduSkander ZouauiMyriam ColinCaroline de GrandpréMathilde CaylouIngrid Rodewald 

Autres artistes rencontrés
Pétrole Editions (Marianne Mispelaëre, Nina Ferrer-Gleize, Audrey Ohlmann)
Encastrable (Paul Souviron et Antoine Lejolivet)
Camille Fisher
Arthur PoutignatBill Noir
Laurent OdelainGauthier Sibillat
Jia Qui

Travaux (re)découverts à l’occasion de ACROSS #1
Giulia AndreaniGuillaume BarthCamille BrèsDamien DeroubaixMarine DominiczakCaroline GamonAnne ImmeléMarius Pons de Vincent