Open call, saison 08

Appel à candidatures - 2023

28.01.23 >28.02.23
Appel à candidatures - 2023
28.01.23 > 28.02.23

Each year since 2015, thankyouforcoming welcomes art critics/exhibition curators in residence in Nice and its surroundings.

Deadline: Tuesday 28 February 2023 at midnight

Open call (ENG)
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Appel à candidatures (FR)
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About the residency
Les résidences ACROSS

During Winter 2023, thankyouforcoming launches an open call for applications for 1 art critic and/or curator, for a 3-week residency between 13 April and 14 May 2023.

This residency program allows the residents – through meetings, visits to artists’ studios, time for exchanges – to discover the French Riviera area’s contemporary art scene, to develop their research work and to participate in a new network.

The purpose of thankyouforcoming‘s residencies is to foster links and collaborations between its local art ecosystem and international artists, curators, art critics, institutions, galleries etc at a national and international scale.

– To promote the meeting and dialogue between artists and curators/critics;

– To create a professional opportunity for research, development of contacts and discovery of artists for a curator;

– To participate in the visibility of artists from different territories and to promote their influence and mobility;

– To offer a working framework to the curator, in a dynamic of circulation and network specific to the professional reality of the contemporary art sector.

1 residency period of 21 consecutive days for the selected candidate is available between mid-April and mid-May 2023 (dates of stay to be specified in agreement with thankyouforcoming).
Thankyouforcoming will provide: accommodation, transportation, residency allowance, per diem, local travel, a public event, a writing fellowship and ongoing tailored support.
In agreement with thankyouforcoming, the resident commits to a schedule of visits and meetings throughout his/her stay.

Former ACROSS' residents: Camille Planeix, Sandra Doublet et Romain Boulay, Bénédicte Le Pimpec, Mickaël Roy, Septembre Tiberghien, Rosa Lleo, Radoslav Ištok, Emily Butler, Camille Paulhan, Cédric Fauq, Julia Geerlings, Marie Béchetoille, Sasha Pevak, Lorenzo Bruni, Chiara Nuzzi, Fabienne Bideaud, Ruth Estévez, Chloé Curci, Juliette Desorgues, La Balnéaire (Chloé Angiolini & Elodie Castaldo), Guilhem Monceaux, Estelle Nabeyrat, Frédéric Blancart, Thomas Geiger, Kevser Güler, Yoann Van Parys, SISSI [Élise Poitevin & Anne Vimeux], Sonia Recasens, Övül O. Durmusoglu, Asli Seven, Trois‿a et le Cercle des neuf Anarcadémistes, Beatrice Celli, Madeleine Planeix Crocker, Amanda Abi Khalil, Neringa Bumblienė, Nino Duhamel, Juliana Caffé, Agnė Bagdžiūnaitė & Alessandra Saviotti from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovakia, The Netherlands, USA, Mexico, Spain, The United-Kingdom, Italia, Russia, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Turkey,The Philippines, Lebanon, Lithuania.