Emergent Ecologies in the Context of Exhibition Making

Emergent Ecologies in the Context of Exhibition Making

Talk and meeting with Jovana Stokic, art curator, résident ACROSS #40.

Emergent Ecologies in the Context of Exhibition Making: A Provocative Exploration of Contemporary Art and Sustainability
Tuesday 6 June, at 6:30PM
Le Narcissio, 16 rue Parmentier
Nice (tramway Valrose)
Free entrance - in English

The residence

This talk offers an in-depth exploration of the dynamic relationship between contemporary art practices and the imperative of sustainability.
Led by a New York-based art historian, educator, and curator, Jovana Stokic, this engaging discussion will shed a light on the transformative power of emergent ecologies within the realm of exhibition making.

Drawing inspiration from critical feminist curating, global ecofeminism, anticolonial strategy in a post-pandemic context, and the pressing climate crisis, the talk challenges traditional notions of art representation and invites audiences to reimagine the boundaries of artistic expression in relation to sustainability.

This talk delves into the intricacies of emergent ecologies, exhibition making, and the vital role of sustainability in the contemporary art world. It will unravel the threads of ideas and aesthetics that have shaped the past two decades, prompting reflection on the enduring significance of some concepts and the transient impact of others in relation to sustainability.
It focuses on intersection of art, sustainability, and critical thought in order to offer insights into the transformative power of contemporary art in shaping historical narratives and challenging normative perspectives. Through presentations of recent exhibition practices, we will navigate the complex relationship between art and the environment, exploring how artistic practices can foster sustainability and inspire positive change.

It offers a glimpse into emergent ecologies, exhibition making, and the imperative of sustainability within the global art landscape.

This exploration of emergent ecologies will examine the interconnectedness of human space and nature, drawing inspiration from the works of pioneering artists such as Joan Jonas (travel back to the 1970s, where the seeds of ecofeminism were sown by visionary artists) and more recent such as Anicka Yi. By transcending mere representation and embracing sensorial clues, these artists have paved the way for a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness with the natural world—an "ecology of intelligence" that has been intricately woven into our existence all along.

But this talk is not just an exploration of the past. It is an invitation to reimagine the future.

By examining contemporary art practices within a global context, it points to the heterogeneous nature of artistic expression, connecting geographically disparate practices and highlighting emerging trends. The aim is to foster a critical and open-minded approach to art histories and contemporary artistic practices, empowering individuals to form thoughtful, informed opinions on the pressing issues of our time.
Through an interdisciplinary lens that encompasses critical theory, curatorial studies, museum studies, art history, and practice, this transformative talk invites participants to reflect on the changing global political context and the role of art in shaping societal narratives. Ethics, community, equity, ecology, and economies become pivotal points of exploration, allowing us to better understand the transformative potential of contemporary art practices and their ability to challenge established norms.