Art public

Thankyouforcoming provides expertise in the production of artworks in the public space and/or commissioned by citizens, in the context of public and private collaborations.

The association implements innovative protocols of artistic production, within the framework of projects in the public space, permanent or ephemeral commissions, and festivals.

Since 2017, thankyouforcoming has been a mediator-producer for the "New Patrons" action, a programme initiated by the Fondation de France, for which it guides artistic commissions that respond to the desires and needs of citizens.
In 2023, thankyouforcoming becomes the head of the Southern network for the Société des Nouveaux commanditaires.

Soliciting art and artists to think with others, together, about contemporary issues; fostering the necessary time, long if necessary, to set up projects and a strong work ethic; the exercise of democracy as a political horizon; a collective and collaborative way of moving forward in which cooperation prevails over autonomy; full and complete trust in artists as inventors of forms, are components of the New Patrons protocol that infuse the entire working methodology and global spirit of thankyouforcoming.


Throughout the projects, many partners have accompanied the production of the works: la Fondation de France, la Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso, la Fondation des Artistes, le Ministère de la Culture, le Conseil général des Alpes-Maritimes,

la Région Sud, la Ville de Nice, la Mission Éducation Prioritaire de l’Académie d’Aix-Marseille, le FRAC PACA, l'Union européenne - FEDERvia an Alcotra programme led by the associations DEL'ART et Art.Ur, le réseau Botox(s)...