Stay og Beatrice Celli at the Kaunas Artists’ House – Lithuania, from 5 to 25 July 2021
a part of “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” programme

ACROSS #31 – Juillet 2021

The ACROSS residency, designed to host art critics and curators on the Côte d’Azur, allows for the first time an artist linked to the Alpes-Maritimes region to benefit from an international research residency.

Beatrice Celli (1992, L’Aquila, Italy) has studied at the Academy of fine arts in Urbino (Italy), in Rome, and at Villa Arson in Nice. In 2019 she participated to the École Offshore, a post-graduate arts’ programme in Shanghai. Her work has been exhibited among others at the Kleine Humboldt Galerie in Berlin, at the Venice Biennale, at the Institute of Visual Arts in Shanghai and at Sonnenstube in Lugano. She likes to work in heterogeneous contexts: in 2017 she created the project CalceViva to revitalize degraded public spaces and in 2021 she had the solo-show Pandæmonium in the municipal showcases in Castelli (IT) during the lockdown. She works between Castelli (TE) and Marseille, and she is preparing a solo exhibition to be held at the Villa Arson in Nice in October 2021.

Presentation of Beatrice Celli’s work

Playing with the anthropologist’s perspective, through an invented folklore and interwoven beliefs, Beatrice Celli creates a personal mythology that invites to imagine new worlds. In the mystical and popular culture, mostly of her region Abruzzo in Italy, she seeks a spirit of independence to exorcise the tensions of the present time. Her sculptures, performances, texts and installations integrate humble materials, old craft skills or neglected stories. The magical power of her symbols is concretized with a variety of gestures, from spontaneous and impulsive to careful and ritualized.

Works by Beatrice Celli : Tarantula, 2020, Photo Dario Cotti ; Chapelet collectif, 2017, Photo Silina Syan.

Research developed during the residency in Lithuania

For the DeMo reciprocal residency (July 2021), Beatrice Celli will carry on a research project in Kaunas about lithuanian folklore, in particular on the Devil’s Museum. By digging into the folds of an intangible common good, she will carry out a collective project, emblematic of the spirit of modernities, thinking the residency not only as a time and space for exchange but as a possibility of syncretism between two minority cultures far from the center: her heritage of Abruzzo folk culture and the one she will discover in Kaunas.

DeMo reciprocal residencies

Kaunas Artists’ House (KAH, Lithuania) together with the ACROSS residencies by thankyouforcoming (based in Nice, French Riviera, France) are starting to carry out the Reciprocal Residency Programme DeMo (abbreviation of Decoding Modernity). The programme aims to explore the connections between different modernities and to think of modernity as a range of concepts across different periods and geographical situations and across cultural, scientific, societal and industrial developments.
This residency also allows the applicant to discover the Kaunas area’s contemporary art scene and history, to develop their research work and to participate in a new network.

Reciprocal Residency DeMo is a part of « Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 » programme.
In return, thankyouforcoming will host a Lithuanian curator and/or art critic in 2022 as part of the 7th season of ACROSS residencies, who will be selected following a call for applications that will launched later.
Partners : Kaunas Artists’ House, thankyouforcoming, Lithuanian Culture Institute, Ministère de la Culture, Région Sud, Ville de Nice, On-the-move.