Thankyouforcoming operates as a platform to devise, produce and mediate art projects, which explores the intersections and intensifies the connections between contemporary art, society and citizens.

Through a close collaboration with artists, art critics and curators, thankyouforcoming creates an environment that fosters exchange and dialogue, reflection, critical distance and the emergence of alternative proposals and cooperation.

Thankyouforcoming federates and connects national and international art world professionals with the whole set of networks, knowledge, skills and appetites present in its territories of activity, while ensuring them the time and means necessary for their work.

The activities and dynamics supported by thankyouforcoming contribute to an irrigation of the visual arts scene, through the conception and broadcasting of projects aimed at transforming the world rather than representing it.

By displacing the stakeholders of contemporary art, its spectators or users, its contexts and means of production, and its methods of mediation, thankyouforcoming wishes to ensure that art and creation have their full capacity to act.

This site documents the 2022-2023 thankyouforcoming programme, the rest of the archive is being uploaded as we are able


Thankyouforcoming is supported by la Direc­­tion régio­­nale des Affaires cultu­­rel­­les Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur – Minis­­tère de la Culture, la Région Sud, le Conseil général des Alpes-Maritimes and la Ville de Nice.

Thankyouforcoming is a member of the networks:
I Arts en résidence – Réseau natio­nal,
I Botox(s) – réseau d’art contemporain Alpes & Riviera.

The association receives or has received support from la Fondation de France, la Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso, l'Institut Français, la Fondation des Artistes, l'Académie d'Aix Marseille, le FRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Trois‿a, On the Move, la Kaunas Artists' House (Lituanie), l'Institut culturel lituanien, le WBI – Wallonie Bruxelles International (Belgique), MiBACT / le Ministère de la Culture (Italie), l’Institut Français du Liban via le programme NAFAS...

& also le MAMAC – Musée d'art moderne et d'art contemporain de Nice, la librairie Vigna, DEL’ART, le Narcissio, la Trésorerie, la Villa Arson, la galerie Eva Vautier, la Kunsthalle3000, Mécènes du Sud, le Géant des beaux-arts, le CIDFF06, le Planning familial, CASA DOC'...